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Juvenile inks a deal with Cash Money


So, through out the years we have heard that the "Original Hot Boyz" was gonna get back together. Unfortunately, that has never happened. As the rest of the world has watched  Baby aka "Birdman" bring Cash Money Records from the New Orleans Label to a world wide powerhouse label.

Recently Juve sat down for a second to talk with MTV new stating, 

 “It’s already done. I signed the paperwork a couple days ago. I’m signed back,” he revealed. “Rich Gang, I’m getting ready to get my little tattoo and everything. It’s all love, man. I’m back.”

Anybody that has followed Cash Money knows that Juvenile and Cash Money were not on the best of terms for many years because of some issues with compensation. So in 2003 Juvenile left the crew!
Juvenile had a number of hits while he was a member of Cash Money such as 1997 Soulja Ragz. 

Check out the full Interview below

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