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LEGENDARY Laker Owner, Jerry Buss Dies

 Los Angeles Lakers owner, Jerry Buss past away today at the age of 80. Buss, who had been battling cancer, succumbed to kidney failure early Monday morning. He took over as owner of the Lakers in 1979. From that point on he built a dynasty and a franchise that many regard as the most prestigious team in sports today. Before becoming the great visionary in one of basketballs prominent front offices, Buss dabbled in a few other lucrative endeavors. With a couple degrees under his belt, an educated Buss tried his hand as a chemist and eventually ventured off successfully into real estate before his journey took him to the NBA. In everything Jerry Buss set foot into he looked to win, and winning was his forte.
 After acquiring the Lakers from former owner Jack Kent Cook, Buss helped formulate a new era of basketball the NBA hadn’t seen yet. He took the pizazz of Hollywood, transitioned it to the hardwood and the Los Angeles Lakers would dawn the nickname “ShowTime”.  In his long stint with LA he would win 10 NBA Championship’s. It would all begin with a solid foundation built with players like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy. With these all-star caliber players Buss would have the Lakers competing for a title every year. Like everything else, all good things must come to an end and that first Laker dynasty would sail off into the sunset but another would eventually brew. To this day one of the biggest sports acquisitions in the history of sports is that of Shaquille O’neal. Jerry Buss would use Hollywood and of course a well-endowed pay day to lure the most dominate big man in the league from the east coast. After that Buss and GM at the time Jerry West, would steal a youngster by the name of Kobe Bryant from Charlotte in the 1996 draft. Together with a few veterans these 2 mega stars would run off 3 more Championships for Buss. The reign wouldn’t end there though; after the departure of O’neal, Buss and the front office would do some more wheeling and dealing and acquire a 7 foot, ball handler by the name of Pao Gasol for practically nothing. This new tandem of Gasol and superstar Kobe Bryant would capture not 1 but 2 more rings for Jerry Buss. The dynasty’s and the prestige that Buss has created for the Los Angeles Lakers will never be duplicated by another owner in the NBA and his legacy will set precedence throughout the history of professional sports forever.


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