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Saints get Payton and Hire Ryan to head Defense

 Less than one week after the NFL season has ended the New Orleans Saints are pretty active in their front office. They get back their commander and chief Sean Payton back at the helm and add some help by hiring Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator. If you remember former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was ousted as a result of the Saints so called bounty scandal. A scandal that left all players and the head coach vindicated. In this upcoming season the Saints are hoping that new coordinator, Rob Ryan can come in and bring some of those aggressive schemes with a defense that already has a lot of talent but simply needs direction. With a phenomenal arsenal of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, scoring points has never been an issue but keeping the scoring down was definitely an issue for the Saints this past season. In their defense they had a lot of personnel changes due to injuries and off the field issues but with a wiz like Ryan on the sidelines and no off the field distractions, the Saints should be a lot more solid on both sides of the ball next season.

  Rob Ryan comes over from a struggling and under achieving Dallas Cowboy team who like the Saints were plagued by injuries. Even with many injuries to the best players on Ryan’s squad, defensively the Cowboys held their own against several formidable opponents. Due to inconsistency on the Dallas offense, the Cowboys fell a game short of the playoffs but still had some impressive wins thanks largely in part to Rob Ryan’s confusing scheme calling. A couple notable wins include a waltz in division win over New York, stunning the Giants on opening night; Eli was as flustered as we’ve ever seen him. Another premiere win against a premiere quarterback was at home against Rothlisberger and the Steelers. That game Ryan outcoached the Steelers and his schemes forced Big Ben on heels all night. Although it wasn’t much to brag about Ryan and the defense was a big reason the Cowboys pulled off a division sweep against arch rival Philly. All in all, the New Orleans Saints are getting the perfect coach for the talent of players they possess. Ryan will utilize players like Vilma and Fujita in brilliant packages that will help disguise the schemes while at the same time exploiting the weaknesses of the offenses they face. This Saints acquisition was no doubt a smart move and at the very least will keep them competing in the NFC South.


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