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"SNOOP LION" the target of a Rastafarian Lawsuit

Snoop Lion, (correction the artist formally known as Snoop Dogg) , has another lawsuit on his hands after this past week. He recently changed his name to "Snoop Lion" and transformed into a Rastafarian artist. Many are questioning his sincerity as he indulges into the culture. Former reggae star, Bunny Wailer isn’t exactly taking to this new venture by Snoop. Wailer, who was an original of “Bob Marley and the Wailers”, believes Snoop is making a mockery of Rastafarian culture. He insists that this is simply an infatuation with the culture led by no real drive to be a part of this movement. Wailer sits on what is known as the Rastafari Millenium Council. Together the members collectively believe that over the years Snoop Dogg the rapper has negatively exploited the culture for financial gain. They seek a name change to be reverted back to Snoop, a public apology, as well as undisclosed amount of money for his exploitation. If these demands are not met, they have promised to take further legal action. After all the backlash it will be interesting to see be interesting to see how the “Lion” responds and what direction he will take his career now.

Written by Functuay of  IAMTHEINFLUENC.COM

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