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Sandra Bland Parkway: Her New Legacy

Sandra Bland was arrested in Waller County, Texas after being pulled over for a minor traffic violation. She died just days later while still in police custody, which was ruled a suicide by hanging. Even though many know and believe that's false.

Sandra was back in town at her alma mater Prairie View A&M University. She was pulled over by officer Brian Encinia. Now the road University Boulevard, is now being renamed Sandra Bland Parkway

On Tuesday Sandra's family along with hundreds of local residents marched from campus down University Boulevard to Prairie View City Council, which approved for the street to be renamed.

"It's more than a vote, it's her legacy," said Geneva Reed-Veal


White suspect arrested after murder of 9 black church goers

The white man suspected of shooting 9 innocent black church goers during bible study at a Historic African-American church in South Carolina has been apprehended on Thursday.

21 year old Dylann Roof was arrested at a traffic stop in a small North Carolina town just north of Charleston,South Carolina.

The Democratic state Senator Clementa Pinckney was among the six women and three men killed. 

"The fact that this took place in a black church obviously raises questions about a dark part of our history," said President Barack Obama

The uncle of Roof stated in a interview that Roof's father had bought him a new .45 caliber handgun for his birthday. Roof was already known to be a troubled child. Arrested twice this year already for trespassing and drugs.

Sylvia Johnson told MSNBC that a lone survivor that he reloaded 5 times during his attack.

This has been a very sad incident. Over the last year racial tensions have risen due to police unfair treatment and the killing of unarmed black men. This just adds to the ever so growing issue. With that said let's continue to pray for these victims, their families and the city of Charleston.

Tracy Morgan's First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash

As we all know comedian Tracy Morgan was in a Tragic car crash that killed a very close friend of his James "Jimmy Mack" McNair , and left Tracy in very serious condition. Here is a quote from the interview......................

"I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I'm in front of you," he said at the beginning of the interview. As for his recovery, Morgan said "I've been down," but he said his family and friends have helped lift his spirits. "My goal is just to heal and get better," Morgan said. "I'm not 100 percent. When I'm there you'll know it and I'll make you laugh."

Take a look at the interview below...


Suge Knight Collapsed after receiving $25 Million Bail

As we know Suge Knight is involved in a very serious trial for his Hit-and-Run in January that killed a mans and seriously injured another. He has had many suspect stories behind why he did what he did. Starting with a self-defense claim and later coming with he is "legally blind."

Today the court finally set a bail of $25 Million. Apparently that was a bit too much for Suge. According to sources Knight collapsed and slammed his head into a chair. He apparently has both a diabetes and blood clot problem in which he hasn't been able to get proper medical attention due to incarceration-and it is said that's what caused his collapsing. 

His initial bail was set at $2 and revoked due to the court finding out about him being a 3 strike candidate and having a criminal record.

Cam Newton has been released from hospital after car crash

Cam Newton has headed home after the wreck he was involved in that caused his truck to flip. Newton was released and is home now resting up and recouping with family. As it looks according to the police reports Newton is not at fault.

According to witnesses a driver pulled out in front of Newton as he headed to Panthers facilities. The driver stuck Cams rear driver side tire. Newton says he tried to avoid the collision but was not successful resulting in the overturning of his vehicle.According to police he wasn't speeding at the time of the wreck.

The Panthers have put out a statement on Tuesday, stating that Cam Newton will be sidelined for this Sundays game. He suffered two fractures in his back as a result of the crash.

Newton recently posted a pic of his truck on Facebook and here is what he had to say... 
 "I do not know where to begin because by the look of that picture so ME one is supposed to be dead or severely injured worse than what I am right now! While I am resting up the thought that keeps flashing in my mind is that GOD IS GOOD and someone has there protective hands on my life shielding me from any danger that may come my way! I know one thing, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF "IF" you are holding a grudge against someone, "IF" you don't tell the people that's close and dear to you that "YOU LOVE THEM" every chance you get, "IF" your mad because something didn't go your way today! L1FE IS TO SHORT FOR YOU NOT TO APPRECIATE IT TO THE FULLNESS; THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BAD! I thank you to the people who have been keeping me in there prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery! I am appreciative for the many great things GOD has given me to be thankful for. It's a old cliché statement but it says "GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!" And as that crash constantly plays back in my mind every time I close my eyes, I can't go another day without me THANKING GOD for the opportunities he has given me in my life and this accident puts ALOT of things in perspective of what's important and what's not! SHAMEonYOU if YOU go another second in life with holding a grudge or HATING on someone, taking life for granted, or just not appreciating the breath you just breathed; trust and believe there are plenty people with illnesses, people in the hospital, or even people that are 6ft under the earth that W1SH they had "another"opportunity to do so! So if you read this I challenge you to L1VE life to the fullness everyday! 1OVE the people who are close to you (and don't be afraid to tell them as well)! FORG1VE "whoever" for "whatever" they did! Trust when I tell you that L1FE is to short for you NOT to do those things! ‪#‎THANKyouJESUSforALLOWINGmeTOseeANOTHERday‬"

 The injuries that Newton incurred are not the type that affect you nerves, so with that being said we are praying for your well being and speedy recovery..

NFL: 1st Quarter Recap


Five games into this season we’ve learned a lot from many teams, surprised by some and we’re ready to write off a few others. An end to week 5 finds 3 teams sitting atop the standings unbeaten and on the short end of the stick, 3 teams yet to see the win column. Some divisions are split evenly all under 500, still with an opportunity to win out, while some divisions feature just one runaway team and the rest almost assuredly missing the playoffs already.

Power Rankings

After an old western shootout with Tony Romo and the Cowboys, Peyton Manning and the undefeated Broncos are 5-0 and still the #1 team in the power rankings, surprise-surprise. Manning, who’s set all kind of passer records so far this season, threw for 5 TD’S and over 400 yards in a 51-48 victory, which ended as the 2nd highest scoring game in regulation. Although anything can happen on any given Sunday, the Broncos are staring 6-0 in the face after hosting the Jags next Sunday. Their undefeated streak could soon be put to the test when they square off against division foe Kansas City who also is undefeated but playing better defense. Regardless of what the record will be heading into the playoffs, Denver is stem rolling their way in, but can they sustain it all the way to a Superbowl?

With a new defensive coordinator and their head coach back on the sidelines, the Saints are back to terrorizing the NFL. Since Sean Peyton resumed leadership, the Saints offense has looked nothing short of phenomenal. Brees is averaging 350+ yards and 2TD’S a game and baffling secondary’s every Sunday. His favorite target, Jimmy Graham is statistically the best tight end in the league, averaging least 8 catches, 120 yards, and 1 touchdown a game. The 3 headed monster in the back field, Pierre Thomas, Khiry Robinson, and Darren Sproles are running through defenses with Sproles leading the way. Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan has turned the worse defense in NFL history into a stifling bunch, smothering offenses each week. With such a prolific offense and a new well discipline D, the Saints are no question the team to beat in the NFC.

Although Andy Reid and the Chiefs are 3rd in the rankings, they could make a strong case for the best team in the NFL. After getting down late Sunday against Tennessee, the Chiefs turned to offseason acquisition Alex Smith and all-purpose back Jamal Charles, together, both helped the Chiefs secure a lead and they never looked back, staying undefeated. Charles might be the most valuable player for his team through five games, averaging 80 yards rushing and 50 receiving, with at least 1 touchdown in each game. Statistically the Chiefs have the best defense in the league, holding all opponents to 17 points or less this season. Chiefs have rebounded tremendously from a 2-14 season, to 5-0 and on a collision course with division mate Denver who also sits undefeated.

Picking up where he left off last season, Andrew Luck looks posed like a veteran pro-bowler. Luck isn’t averaging over 350 yards and 3 TD’s a game like Manning and Brees, but the way he’s managing the game and making sound decisions at critical times have the Colts sitting at 4-1. He’s making all his weapons look like studs and he recently acquired a new one. Coming over from Cleveland for basically nothing in return is Trent Richardson. Richardson will pick up where Bradshaw left off and carry the load along with Donald Brown. Indy’s Defense with the exception of 2 games has held opponents to 17 or less and is 6th overall against the pass. At this pace a lot of teams should fear this Colts team as we creep closer to playoff time.

Despite an unlucky loss to the Colts, the Seahawks are still 5th in the power rankings. Andrew Luck pulled off his 9th career 4th quarter comeback and was able to knock off the unblemished Seahawks. Even in this loss to the Colts, Russell Wilson looked sharp, finishing with 200 yards through the air, 100 on the ground and 2 touchdowns. The weapons are still firing on all cylinders, and just think how strong this team will be once Percy Harvin returns. A talented speedy offense and the best defensive backs in the leagues makes the Seahawks a balanced team to be reckoned with throughout the rest of the season.
Bottom of the barrel

For the 5th consecutive week, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the NFL’s worst team. The Jags new uniforms are about the only thing looking good in Jacksonville these days and after week 5’s injuries to Rookie Luke Joeckel, and wideout Justin Blackmon, it’s going to get worst before better. Adding insult to injury, the Jags face Peyton Manning and Denver in week 6. The Broncos are rolling like an unstoppable tank right now, destroying defenses at will. The 48 points the Broncos defense allowed to Dallas is the only flaw Jacksonville can use to find hope in winning this matchup. A little more momentum the Jaguars can use against this scoring machine, the Jags did score a season high of 20 this Sunday against St. Louis. I don’t think anyone expected a stellar season from the Jags right of the bat, not even their new head coach. In Guy Bradley’s first season he’s had some uncharacteristic scenarios but hopefully he starts to add a few W’s in the win column or his first season could be his last. 

Tom Coughlin is no stranger to the hot seat in New York. The Giants head coach has had his share of dismal spells but managed to bounce back hard each time, including a pair of Superbowl victories.. So far this season Eli Manning has had nightmares of defensive lineman and interceptions. With an inexperienced offensive line and almost zero help from the run game, Eli has to play nearly perfect to have a productive Sunday outing. Giants reacquired running back Brandon Jacobs to open things up for speedy back David Wilson but the two compiled with the o-line have not been in sync. Where they lack in offense they usually make up on the defensive end but not his year. With veteran Osi Umeniyora gone, the line is faltering and the ship has been swaying. The good news is with the rest of the NFC East under 500, the Giants still have a shot at the playoffs if they start to win immediately. Digging Coughlin out of a hole is one thing this Giants team has done for years, but is this one escapable we’ll soon find out.

If you’re franchise makes an addition like cornerback Darelle Revis to your defense to go along with a maturing offense, you definitely have a season to look forward to. Well since Revis Island came on board, the Bucs have yet to win a game. Revis for the most part has done his part holding premier wide receivers to minimal games but hey let’s face it he can’t be everywhere nor can he play offense, which is where the real struggle lies. Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano had high hopes for QB Josh Freeman but that ship has sailed. With Freeman landing in Minnesota now, QB Mike Glennon has control of the offense, and it’s going to take the maturity of Glennon along with the strategic use of running back Doug Martin to turn around this season for the Buccaneers. 

If someone were to say the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to be winless after 4 games, I’m sure anyone would place bet against those odds. Winless and hurt would be a more appropriate statement. An ailing Steelers team has injuries across the offensive line as well as their defense. With several veterans out for the season, the pressure solely rest on the shoulders of safety Troy Polamalu and big Ben Roethlisberger. Bens most impressive game was a 4th quarter comeback that ended in an empty handed goaline opportunity in London against Minnesota. Nothing is working at all for Pittsburgh this season and despite the losses coming due to lack of personnel, big changes could be in store this offseason for this Steeler team. 


Philadelphia Building Collapses Killing 1

 In a bizarre and puzzling outcome in Philadelphia today, an uninhabited building collapsed on to a neighboring thrift store. The decrepit structure was set to be demolished on Wednesday morning when it unexpectedly folded within trapping 13 people inside. The lucky 13 was able to be rescued by emergency first responders, but a 35 year old woman was not so lucky and died amongst the rubble and debris. Police, search and rescue teams are unsure just how many people were in the nearby thrift store. Officials have confirmed that the search will continue throughout the night.  Although many witnesses thought the first rumblings from the building was a possible terrorist attack, police have ended the speculation and concluded that the collapsed building has been labeled an industrial accident. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the on the scene and will complete a full investigation.

Written by Functuay of Iamtheinfluenc.com

Obama's Compliment: Sexist or Misconstrued

You might remember a few days ago the uprising of negativity swirling around president Obama and his reference to California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris. The president was at a private fundraiser with the Democratic National Committee when he mentioned Harris. The president offered his thoughts of her, complimented and praised Harris with the upmost respect and ended his sentiments by saying she also “happened to be the best looking attorney general there is”. Naturally the only part of his statement that was duly noted was that in which was made about her physical beauty. Less than 24 hours after the statement, a buzz quickly made its way around the nation and outraged many people. On the other end of the spectrum, many considered his compliments to be well within the lines, harmless, and did Ms. Harris justice (No pun intended). However on the opposition, were angry “women of equality groups”, and a few anti-Obama brigades. Their gripes spoke of how sexist Obama’s statements were and that he implied Harris isn’t as qualified in her abilities to do her job efficiently due to her physical beauty. Also the comments could potentially make her less likely to receive votes in a future battle for the U.S attorney general race. To put the spectacle to bed, Obama personally called Kamala Harris and offered his sincere apologies. Harris later stated that she graciously accepted and forgave the president.
After this whole debacle we should begin to wonder after a statement full of respectable praise that ended in a compliment about Harris’s looks, when is the proper time to compliment a woman of power or should we at all? Or does a remark in reference to a woman’s beauty in any work realm automatically undermine how well she can perform her duties? What would have been the reaction had Obama been asked directly about Harris’s looks and then dismissed the question or refused to answer? Would he then be bashed too and would that response or lack thereof yield a negative depiction of Harris as well? Is it a lose-lose or was Obama out of line?

Written by Functuay of Iamtheinfluenc.com




North Korea threats continue

                Another week goes by and North Korea is at it again with missile threats. Their fearless leader Kim Jong Un has made it very clear that they have the resources to launch an attack on U.S soil. This week’s threats were a bit different; Kim Jong would insult the American military by comparing our mainland to a boiled pumpkin. He would go on to state the U.S is unable to endure an attack from any enemy foes especially North Korea. An official for the U.S defense would put Americans somewhat at ease and remain firm in the theory that these threats are no more than propaganda and a rhetoric bluff. Another official from the Security Council would also chime in on the threats and remind us that North Korea has a long history of threats in the past and these current ones are nothing but the same wolf tickets. Although U.S officials continue to disregard these threats by North Korea, Americans can only ponder is our government being naïve in dispelling these threats? At some point if these threats continue do we still not act and if we don’t what are our other enemies thinking? Did this same nonchalant-ness contribute to 9/11 attacks? Only time will tell!


The heat turns up on gay marriage, rights

Not too long ago president Obama changed his position on gay marriage. Since then the intensity on the issue has increased around the country from state to state. Many anti-gay groups and leaders have bowed out and conceded a lost in the fight against gay rights. It seems almost inevitable that many states will eventually fall in line and recognize not only the unity between same sex couples but give them their rights as well. Gays and Lesbians collectively know and understand that their battle is not an easy one but they won’t go quietly in the night. Each day the gay/lesbian reform makes more pushes, pushes extending far beyond just the sanctity of marriage. Denied social security benefits as well as paying more taxes for fewer benefits are just a couple of the compelling arguments at stake between gays and their opposition. To say that these equal rights will have a major impact on the U.S financially is a supreme understatement. This in itself will make the opposition hold firm in their stand against gay marriage and rights. This battle could go on for quite some time.


New developments in baby shooting in GA

                On March 21st the unthinkable crime was committed in Brunswick, Georgia. 17 year old De'Marquise Elkins and 15 year old Dominique Lang shot and killed a 13th month year old baby. Both teens were captured and are awaiting trial but since then there have been a few new developments in the case. The sister of one of the individuals has since been charged with evidence tampering. To add to an already bizarre story, a 59 year old city commissioner has been charged in connection with the crime as well. James Henry Brooks did not in any way assist in the murder of the child however a verbal exchanged he had with Elkins after the murder has subsequently landed him before a judge alongside the alleged murderers. Brooks and his lawyer are contesting the charges stating that Brooks conversation with the teen was simply to remind him of his right to remain silent. After finding about his so called reminder police believe he influenced the teen and he is now being charged with influencing a witness and obstruction of justice. With a conviction the commissioner could face a maximum of 20 years in prison for his words. Brooks posted the 5k bond and is not to contact any persons involved in the case. As for the teenagers, we can hope that justice will be served and they face maximum penalty for their gruesome crime against a defenseless baby and his mother.


The 2013 Final Four is set in Atlanta

                A field of 64 has been reduced to just four after a great weekend of NCAA basketball. First team to make it in was hall of famer Jim Boheim and his Syracuse Orangemen. The Orangemen trounced Marquette in the 2nd most lopsided victory of the entire tournament this year. This will be Boheim’s 5th trip to the final four with his lone victory coming in 2003, with a team led by some youngster by the name of Carmelo Anthony. Facing off against Syracuse will be the other #4 seed, Michigan. The wolverines would beat the Florida Gators with ease on their way to their first visit to the final four since 1993. This is a huge turnaround for a prestigious program that was clearly in rebuilding mode just a few seasons prior. On the other side of the bracket heading to Hot-lanta is this year’s Cinderella story, Witchita State. Ironically their nickname is the shockers. Shocker is exactly what they pulled off when they beat a Ohio State team who was riding a wave of momentum after a couple of last second tourney victories. The last team to make it in was the Louisville Cardinals. Rick Pitino’s Cardinals were the odds on favorites to be in the finale but after a tragic injury in the first half against Duke, there was doubts they could still put it out. Sophomore Kevin ware suffered one of the most sickening injuries witnessed after he broke his right leg attempting to contest a 3point jumper. All the air was sucked out of Texas stadium when he went down. A bench full of teammates all instantly grimaced and wept once they seen they leg had snapped. After about 9 minutes of standstill movement, the Cardinal players and coaching staff would all commit to winning the 2nd half of basketball for their fallen teammate. A 42-42 tie was quickly separated into a 12 point lead by the Cardinals. Coach K and the young Blue Devils had no answer to the Louisville attack. Guards Russ Smith and Peyton Siva were relentless while attacking the basket. Together their onslaught of drives to basket would propel Louisville to a route over Duke and a well-earned final four appearance. The final four kicks off April 6th in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

Lakers turn it around despite injury plagued season


 After one of the worse opening to a season in franchise history,Los Angeles Lakers find themselves a half game back of the 7th spot of the western conference playoffs. It’s a position this franchise isn’t accustom to being in but after a dismal season that turned into a dogfight after the all-star break, the Lakers are just thankful to be where they are. They started the season with 11 straight losses, 7 of which dated back to the preseason. After the first four of the regular season, the front office terminated Mike Brown and brought in Mike D’Antoni who’s first few games weren’t exactly concluding that the problem was solved. Since the D’Antoni era the Lakers have had some tough months like January where they loss 11 of 15 games and 7 in a row. At that point no one including the Laker bench saw the playoffs in sight and they became the joke of the league, but only briefly. As the all-star game approach they would string together a few wins and call a few player meetings where they vowed as a team they will turn around this season. They have done just that and more. They have flipped a record around that was far under 500 to a winning record of just over 500 at 36-32.

               The Lakers as of late have won 8 of their last 10 and the wins are coming with some of their marquee players out due to injury. Lakers leader and the NBA’s 3rd leading scorer at 27 points a game, Kobe Bryant, has been out the last 2 games with an ankle injury suffered against Atlanta where Los Angeles would go on to lose. After that loss the Lakers would win 2 in a row impressively without the mamba. Although his return maybe sooner than many had expected, forward Pao Gasol has been out for weeks now with an injury to his right foot. Also earlier in the season veteran guard and 2-time MVP Steve Nash missed a few weeks with a foot injury as well and to add insult to these injuries, Lakers have already lost forward Jordan Hill for the rest of the season with a hip injury. Overcoming injuries is something this Laker team has been familiar with throughout the duration of this season. With just a few weeks left in the season, the 8th spot in hand and on the heels of the Warriors for the 7th spot, it seems like the playoffs are a definite but the question is can they stay healthy enough to make a stand in the playoffs against the powerhouses in the west? With the 4th easiest schedule according to the standings, the Lakers will look to build some momentum and conquer that 7th spot with more wins against under 500 opponents. Tonight they take on a Phoenix Suns team who is 23 games under 500, a Laker win is imminent.

Written by Functuay of iamtheinfluenc.com

LEGENDARY Laker Owner, Jerry Buss Dies

 Los Angeles Lakers owner, Jerry Buss past away today at the age of 80. Buss, who had been battling cancer, succumbed to kidney failure early Monday morning. He took over as owner of the Lakers in 1979. From that point on he built a dynasty and a franchise that many regard as the most prestigious team in sports today. Before becoming the great visionary in one of basketballs prominent front offices, Buss dabbled in a few other lucrative endeavors. With a couple degrees under his belt, an educated Buss tried his hand as a chemist and eventually ventured off successfully into real estate before his journey took him to the NBA. In everything Jerry Buss set foot into he looked to win, and winning was his forte.
 After acquiring the Lakers from former owner Jack Kent Cook, Buss helped formulate a new era of basketball the NBA hadn’t seen yet. He took the pizazz of Hollywood, transitioned it to the hardwood and the Los Angeles Lakers would dawn the nickname “ShowTime”.  In his long stint with LA he would win 10 NBA Championship’s. It would all begin with a solid foundation built with players like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy. With these all-star caliber players Buss would have the Lakers competing for a title every year. Like everything else, all good things must come to an end and that first Laker dynasty would sail off into the sunset but another would eventually brew. To this day one of the biggest sports acquisitions in the history of sports is that of Shaquille O’neal. Jerry Buss would use Hollywood and of course a well-endowed pay day to lure the most dominate big man in the league from the east coast. After that Buss and GM at the time Jerry West, would steal a youngster by the name of Kobe Bryant from Charlotte in the 1996 draft. Together with a few veterans these 2 mega stars would run off 3 more Championships for Buss. The reign wouldn’t end there though; after the departure of O’neal, Buss and the front office would do some more wheeling and dealing and acquire a 7 foot, ball handler by the name of Pao Gasol for practically nothing. This new tandem of Gasol and superstar Kobe Bryant would capture not 1 but 2 more rings for Jerry Buss. The dynasty’s and the prestige that Buss has created for the Los Angeles Lakers will never be duplicated by another owner in the NBA and his legacy will set precedence throughout the history of professional sports forever.


State of the Union 2013:


Monday Morning Coffee

Tragedy at Newton, CT

There have been tragedies before in America but this latest massacre in Newton, Connecticut, is something that Americans will never forget. When the beginning of the killing’s unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary, no one imagined that the any of the slain would be children. 20year old Adam Lanza stormed the Elementary school in what is still an unspecified rage, killing what many thought at first were only the principal and the child psychologist. Unfortunately the unthinkable had happened, Lanza went on a terror throughout the school killing many more. After parent, and law enforcement feared the worse, their nightmares were reality, Lanza had unleashed his rage on innocent defenseless children. When police were finally able to canvas the school the bodies of teachers and small children were scattered amongst classrooms. A total of 6 adults murdered and 20 children ages 6-7 hbad their lives ended much too soon. President Obama, who is est to make a formal speech Monday night said, “to newton: our hearts have wept with you all night, these tragedies must stop”.

Oregon Mall shooting

Before this unbelievable massacre in Connecticut, there was another rampage across the country in Portland, Oregon. As usual police are still unsure as to what possessed 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts to walk in a local mall and open fire with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. Along with killing machine he was strapped with many magazines of ammo, in hopes of killing dozens at the mall. Once he descending on his killing journey his gun jammed but he still was able to get it back working killing 2 and wounding a few others. The innocent victims killed were a 45 year old woman and a 54 year old ma, both said to be married and prominent people in the community. There was also another victim wounded who continues to be in serious condition. The 15 year old girl was shot in lung and liver and is stable but faces some risk from the complications. Although there is an ongoing investigation for, police still have yet to find a possible motive.

Hilary takes a spill

Secretary of state Hilary Clinton, suffered a concussion this weekend after being dehydrated. Mrs. Clinton was scheduled to testify this Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. At the time of her concussion she had previously been suffering from a stomach virus which probably led to the dehydration. Deputy assistant secretary of state, Phillipe Reines said she is being monitored by doctors and is recovering at home. Secretary Clinton has a lot on her plate in the upcoming weeks; however her doctors have recommended that she continue whatever work she can at home. With the Nations best interest at heart, Clinton will not attend the hearing this Thursday she will forgo her meeting and leave it to senior assitants

Saints beat Goodell

After a long battle with the Roger Goodell and the NFL, New Orleans Saints players have officially been vindicated from the infamous bounty scandal. All New Orleans Saints players are cleared of any wrong doing, as there was no sufficient evidence linking them to any bounty activity. It’s safe to say the commissioner Goodell is the least bit embarrassed about the allegations that eventually were simply that, allegations. In a statement Goodell could not help but still make derogatory remarks in reference to the Saints players citing that they should not feel good about this victory. Nevertheless the players do and will feel very good about the situation. Vilma, Fujita, Hargrove, and Smith will need all the boost they can get to help a Saints team that needs to win their last games of the season to have a shot to play in the playoffs. 

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