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Solange attacks Jay Z in Elevator WHY?

So check it out, Solange... Yea I said it Beyoncé little Sister decides she wants to take a little frustration out on brother in law Jay Z. Question is WHY?

As TMZ reported and gave us leaked footage of the incedent which took place after leaving the Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel NYC. The video which shows the three enter into an elevator "no no no yea it sucks no audio" but seconds later you see Solange just attack Jay ! She was kicking and punching, and as it looks in the video... Jay attempts to stop her and grabs her foot but smartly never reacts. The bodyguard attempts numerous times to stop her assault but she kept at it. As usual the lovely Beyoncé keeps her composure and lays low! Check it out below!!!!

So the big question is ... #whatdidJayZsay to get this from his Sister n Law. I know all families have their issues but really Solange , Ya sis and Hov don't roll like that!!! Hopefully we all will find out the #TRUTH soon ! Until then as I always say Keep it Hip Hop and that's Real.

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