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2 Chainz - Gotta Lotta ft. Lil Wayne


DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

Its official DJ Khaled has done it again. Khaled has released his new single "I'm the One" with a star studded class as usual. Mr "We tha Best" himself ft Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo. You cant deny him being the King of the anthem and this single continues to prove that... With that being said check the visuals out  below....



Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds



2 Chainz - Bounce ft. Lil Wayne


Monica - Just Right For Me ft. Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne announces "No Ceilings 2" will be released on Thanksgiving

So check this out. If you are a true Hip Hop fan you are sure to be excited about this. Lil Wayne has said that he is releasing No Ceilings 2 the sequel to the 2008 No Ceilings banger.

He has already performed a few freestyles over "Back to Back" and "Where Ya At" . These two are said to be on the Mixtape dropping Thanksgiving Day. 

This Mixtape will surely make a lot of Hip Hop and Weezy fans have a even better Thanksgiving.


How Many Times:DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown , Lil Wayne, Big Sean

The Big Homie DJ Khaled is always up to something special to say the least. As everyone knows he is working on his new Album Titled "I changed A Lot", which is his 8th solo EP.

He decided to grace everyone with the video release and Newest track "How many Times" ft Chris Brown. Lil Wayne, and Big Sean. 

Check out his New video Below:


Wayne vs Baby and Cash Money:The Saga Continues

As you all have heard, Wayne and Birdman are at odds. From the looks of it Weezy is possibly taking Cash Money boss to court, according to TMZ. Wayne threatening a lawsuit over an apparent 8 million owed to him.

Reports say they tried hashing things out, but nothing was solved. Wayne says he wants out and is asking the judge to release him from his contacts. Claiming that baby didn't live up to terms with the Tha Carter V by withholding the release. Also suing for 8 million owed from his advance on his last album. 

On Sorry 4 wait 2 Weezy continues to throw shots an Baby and Cash Money. With all that being said .. hopefully this is all resolved soon because we ready for Tha Carter V release.

Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown



Young Money - Senile ft. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne


Rick Ross - Thug Cry ft. Lil Wayne


YG - My Nigga ft. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj


Chris Brown - Loyal (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga


Mack Maine ft Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne "Celebrate"


Lil Wayne says he slept with Chris Bosh Wife

The Miami Heat have crossed the line in Weezy eye's. This past weekend at an All-Star event, Wayne unleashed hid wrath on them. Calling out Bosh, Wade and Lebron.

TMZ reported in a video showing his dis-please at a nightclub in Houston. "The NBA banned me from all NBA events ... because the Miami Heat told them to ban me." Its quite clear that Wayne is and i quote "PISSED". He thinks that the Miami Heat Organization shut him out from participating in any of the All-Star festivities. He in turn let it be known to the audience that came out to see him perform with Drake and Birdman.

"When I say f---, you say NBA! When I say f---, you say Miami Heat!"

He added, "F--- LeBron. F--- She Wade. F--- Chris Bosh. F--- all y'all."

Of the players named, Weezy aimed his most personal attack at Bosh.

"I f---- Chris Bosh wife."

So yea he said it, and is talking about Chris Bosh wife Adrienne Bosh!!!!

The NBA has yet to say that yes they have put Weezy on "THE LIST" but lets be for real they did and I personally think its a weak move by the NBA and the Heat if it turns out to be so. At a recent game they told Wayne he had to leave the Lakers vs Heat game on the basis of him cheering for his favorite team the Lakers. Well if thats not a B**ch move i don't know what is.

Wayne took to twitter and here is what he had to say,  "So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would you believe they got police 2 make me leave? Wow! F#€k da Heat,".

Apparently he beefed with a Heat fan and pointed the "finger guns" at em !!!!!

Looks like Weezy bout to  bring the noise to Heat and lets not forget he is the "fireman". Stay tuned for further details and lets not forget "KEEP IT HIP HOP".

Written By Leon of iamtheinfluenc.com


Lil Wayne - Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future


Family of Emmett Till Find Lil Wayne Lyrics Offensive

So here we go Weezy is n the news yet again. Its not Necessarily good news either The family of Emmett Till is not happy with a lyric in a song recently released by Wayne. We all know Mr. Carter always has some type of controversial lyrics but many think this has crossed the line.

The track titled "Karate Chop" released this past weekend is a remix to a original song by Future. This lyric that is causing so much trouble goes like this "Beat that p---y up like Emmett Till.".   In a recent interview with Your Black World's Dr Boyce Watkins, the family stated their disapproval. 

"Our family was very, very offended, very hurt," Gordon-Taylor said. "Disturbed by it…Our young people they emulate what they see, what they hear and what they’re immersed in. And then we question them as they grow up and become citizens and they’re supposed to be productive in society and they’re not productive. And society is already criminalizing our young, black men at every opportunity that they have. So it just really concerns us that here you are using Emmett Till’s name in such an egregious way, and you’re not having any respect for yourselves as well as our family. And that’s the biggest concern. We’re concerned about our young people as well as the image of Emmett Till."

Gordon-Taylor and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition are trying to get the song banned. Saying that the artist should have more integrity to not release the track. In the mean time the family has reached out to Weezy and Future with no response.

In my eyes, yes the lyric is dis-tasteful. There is a question as to why weezy has been shot after. Its not my 1st time hearing the civil rights figure name being used. At the end of the day, as entertainers, bloggers, or whatever you position is in this industry, we have to watch what we say and do. As all the "Old Heads" told me somebody is watching your every move. Now, we all know Wayne meant no harm and it probably was just as i call it "In the heat of the Rhyme". So banning the song isn't the answer because neither artist not label is gonna miss out on a chance to make money from it. Maybe, just ask for wayne  to change his verse. That way all is happy. RESPECT and LOVE and always Keep it HIP HOP

Written by Leon of IAMTHEINFLUENC.com

Lil Wayne - No Worries ft. Detail


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