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Childhood Obesity "Place Your Blame"

               Overweight or Obesity is described as anyone who has an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that could potentially impair his or her health. In the last 30 years the numbers for obesity have multiplied tremendously but now they’re climbing in the category of our children. Child and youth obesity is an unspoken issue and so many around the world are naïve about this epidemic. Children are unfortunately being led down an unhealthy path of destruction. Their everyday lives are being unguided with such negligence and poor supervision.
When people think obesity they naturally think of adult men and women who are largely overweight and have trouble getting around etc. Well that maybe a decent description but it certainly doesn’t only exist in adults. BMI or body mass index is an index for weight to height and commonly used by nutritionist or doctors to determine the appropriate weight for an individual. For adults BMI isn’t often the perfect way to judge people on where they should be due to various body types and muscle capacity; however in children it does bring a more fair analysis on where a child’s weight should be. An example of an obese child according to BMI would be an 8 year old who’s 4’9” and weighs 245lbs. The average BMI has determined that most children at that age and around that height should be about 90lbs or possibly smaller, so right away you see there is a huge weight disparity. The problem is parents are oblivious to test like these and naïve about their child’s weight risk.
If you were to speak to the average mother of an overweight child and explain that her child is obese for his or her age she’d first probably take offense. Second she’d probably either disagree or think that it is perfectly normal to be a bit heavier at a younger age and add that so many kids are. Well truth is it’s certainly not normal nor is it a healthy lifestyle for a child. Before we dabble into the health risk, some of the other issues dispensed from obesity are social or psychologicall, such as bullying and self-esteem. Kids are getting heavier at alarming rates, and being embarrassed and bullied are commonly becoming part of a bigger kid’s life. Children every year lash out in what is really an unsurprising manner, due to bullying and being picked on. We’ve seen that sometimes this lashing out ends tragically. After bullying we tend to find depression, lack of self-esteem, and isolation. All these things can stem from obesity and can ultimately lead to life altering events such as suicide. The unfortunate reality is parents play a huge role in the rise of obesity and are partly to blame.
Not only are the numbers rising but so are the health risks for children. A study done by the World Health Organization determine that 44% of obese children are more likely to have diabetes, 23% will acquire some form of heart disease and the other small percentage could potentially get cancer. The good thing is all these risk are preventable, but only when taking serious and a conscious effort is made. This effort has to come from parents who are not naïve about the weight of their children and also school menu’s and exercising courses. Together everyone most do their part. Thanks to a couple campaigns in the last few years, we have seen schools nationwide make progressive efforts in providing healthier options and an emphasis on physical education.  These efforts have and will go a long way in the future in hopes of decreasing the number of childhood obesity. However a generation that came before us once said “it starts at home”.
Parents are the ultimate role models for their children, because they have the opportunity set some type of example for their kids every day. Kids mimic what their parents do, so parents should lead by example and live a healthier lifestyle at home. Help kids realize healthy is cool and understand that ultimately eating healthy will give them the longevity they need to achieve their goals. Along with finding healthier options, parents should work with schools and encourage physical activities at home as well as school. As society evolves and the toys get more sophisticated, kids tend to hibernate from the good old fashion playground, but it often takes a bike or puppy to get them out of the house for some cardio.
At the end of the day the health of children is the responsibility of schools, food distributors but none more than parents. One can only hope that food distributors will be more responsible, but their argument which is a valid one, will always be moderate consumption. So ultimately it falls back on the parents and the school system. The two must work together cohesively. Schools have to continue implement healthier options as well educate kids on what a healthy lifestyle should be and parents have to stress not only the importance of homework but working hard to be healthy.


Iamtheinfluence Community Homelessness Challenge!

Iamtheinfluence community homelessness challenge: Homelessness in this day and age is worse than ever. It remains an issue that is continually being swept under the mat in America. People, families, children etc everyday seeking a different refuge to lay such as homeless shelters, while the less fortunate ones are spend the night in public places that are not fit to sleep. All of the more fortunate people should always remember no one asked to be homeless. There are many causes that lead to homelessness: -Results of Natural Disasters -Unemployment/Lay-offs -Divorce -Illness/Mental Illness -Low wages -Tragedy/Severe Depression Homelessness in America is more prevalent in urban America versus the more suburban areas. Overall, homelessness is up to about $3million. Iamtheinfluence is an advocate for homelessness and as the epidemic worsens we encourage you as an individual you to help in your community. Take one our community challenges: 1. Donate old clothes to shelters or Coalitions in your area 2. Find out what your community needs and how you can help the epidemic 3. Treat a homeless person in your community to a meal, or buy them food and tell them you care! Comment and tell us which challenge you accept. Also tell us your thoughts on homelessness and what needs to be done to stop this epidemic! BE THE INFLUENCE

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