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IT'S A GIRL: Kanye and Kim Expecting baby Girl

A source close to Us Weekly has reported that there "Mr West" and Kardashian are expecting a baby girl. The due date which is in July, the couple are said to be "over the moon" from the news.

This child will def be the best dressed infant you have ever seen. We all know Kanye has a dope and strong fashion sense. "If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he's going to have things specially made," Kim stated. As we also all know Kardashian has her fashion on point.

Congrats To the both of you you, this is great news. Lets just hope Humphries gets a life and allows y'all to live yours happily.


KANYE "DEPOSED" In Kim's Divorce but "WHY"

WHY is Kris Humphries such a sour puss of his divorce with Kim Kardashian... IDK !!! DO YOU. Lets ask her new boo Kanye West. Well I think we will all soon find out. The NBA player and his legal team have just gotten Mr West involved more than he may have wanted too. Kanye was ordered to sit for a deposition. Does Kris know something we don't ...probably not.....

Nothing has been put out just yet o what went down in the deposition. BUT according to TMZ, Kanye was bring in because TEAM HUMPHRIES thinks they may have a upper hand in the battle. The well publicized marriage between the two lasted a whopping 72 days before the two officially called it quits. Not too long afterwards Kanye and Kim K began their romance. Humphries team may be on to something, they may think that the new couples relationship violates the prenup ???

Laura Wasser, Kim's attorney is arguing saying that the whole deposition was a "fishing expedition", basically WASTING TIME, to get away from the matter at hand. In the courtroom Wasser stated and i quote "She [Kim] is now handcuffed to Mr Humphries".

Kris is obviously still mad in love with Kim or he is just really mad. Either way it goes it makes him look BAD... You be the judge!!!!

Written By. Leon of  IAMTHEINFLUENC.com


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