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Syn'zere and his"Reflections"


IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who is Syn,zere?

Syn'zere: I call myself Syn’Zere because of the sincerity I have for everything. Whether its from the love I have in my heart or my passion in what I do. I believe that whatever an individual decides to do then they should do it with their hearts in it. Syn’Zere was the perfect name for an artist such as myself because you can see the pictures I paint and the stories I tell with such sincerity in them. I chose to spell it differently because as I tried to research the name I saw they’re so many artist who spell their names exactly like I was so my manager Darrold Johnson and I decided to place a “Y” instead of an “I” and a “Z” instead of a “C” to make the name stand out from everyone else.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: At what point in your life did you realize yo wanted to make music?

Syn'zere: I wanted to start after I heard my oldest brother freestylin in the car one night in Baton Rouge, LA with a few of his friends. I was only about 11 at the time but it was a moment I never forgot because everyone was in the car just clowning around but that one moment where they told me to spit something was a moment I never forgot.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What were some things that influenced you to start rapping?

 Syn'zere: Honestly I grew tired of hearing the same thing on the radio. Hip hop isn’t like it was back in the 90’s and the early 00’s. Music just doesn’t have meaning anymore. Everyone I listen to, even local artist only talk about gang banging, having sexual relations with women, money, and the amount of drugs they sell and do. I got tired of hearing it so I decided to make something with meaning in it. Have of the so called “rappers” today don’t even have “bars”, they only have a nice ass beat and lyrics that don’t even make sense, they just sound good. What most artist don’t know is that most of their listeners follow their footsteps. I’m tired of seeing young die from getting shot and I’m tired of losing young people to the drug game. God is not blessing the trap if people are dying in it. I make music about the streets but I’m not in the streets. I tell stories that make people think about what actually goes on in the world or right outside their front doors, I don’t just make a bunch of words up and throw them together and call it good music. I’m an Artist not a rapper. Yes I am an entertainer and yes I feed the people but I would rather feed the minds then bleed the mind of knowledge they should be aware of and embracing.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is the biggest obstacle or struggle that you have had to overcome in  your journey?
Syn'zere: One of the worst experiences I have faced as an artist had to be when I learned to make a single. I literally have so many bars that it was very difficult for me to create a single for the radio. It actually surprised me because the fact that I can make 18 tracks but can’t create a single was beyond me but I got through it with the help and motivation of my manager Darrold Johnson.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who is your favorite artist and who is someone you would love to work with?

My favorite artist has to be J Cole simply because of his amazing storytelling skills. In my opinion no one is matching up to him. One artist I have always wanted to work with was Ace Hood. Ace’s music is about the streets and what goes on it but as far as who he seems to be as an individual is completely different. His music is very distinctive from other various artist that I listen to. I feel the way  I write music almost matches up to his because in a lot of my fast paced songs I idolize his flow.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some of your role models?

2. Nas

Syn'zere: All of these artist inspired me from the way they tell stories about the hood, politics, vices, etc. The way you can close your eyes and see their stories and every word they say. To me that is inspiring because I want to be able to tell a story just like them and have someone see my story with their eyes closed too.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: In the next 10yrs where do you see yourself?

Syn'zere: I will be the talk of the south. I am greatness I the making and so is the music. I can’t predict the future, but my hustle and my grind will never stop so I expect nothing less than greatness for the next couple of years. I’m expanding and there is no doubt I have what it takes to make it. I will be on the XXL freshman class and I will be your favorite artist.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is the dopest rhyme you ever heard?

I actually have 3 rhymes I love to quote.

  1. “ I swear if ni**as put half into what they put in chasing ass into a craft by now you would be famous and rich” – J Cole
  2. “Sometimes sunshine turns to rain my nigga, the same ones you love will bring you pain my nigga” – J Cole
  3. “When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell It don't make sense, goin' to heaven with the goodie-goodies Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies God will probably have me on some real strict shit No sleepin' all day, no gettin my dick licked  Hangin' with the goodie-goodies loungin' in paradise Fuck that shit, I wanna tote guns and shoot dice.” – Notorious B.I.G

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Describe the feeling you had when you 1st heard your voice over a track?

 Syn'zere: Man it was crazy, I recorded it when I was about 12 years old over jayz’s “DOA” and I was like man that’s hot! Honestly it was one of the greatest feelings in the world to me. I’ve never felt anything like it since.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is your thoughts on the industry today?

 Syn'zere: I think the industry today is a joke. They play the same songs on the radio over and over again. What happened to hearing stories like “If I Ruled The World” by Nas or “Hustla Musik” by Lil Wayne? I miss when music had meaning to it and you could feel what the artist is saying. Music where you can vibe to. Now you have artist wearing skinny jeans and acting like complete idiots making a mockery of what artist like Big Pun, Nate Dog, 2pac, Biggie, & Mac Dre died building up for years. The industry doesn’t even have artist anymore, all they have are “entertainers”, someone who sounds good on the radio on a sick beat but have no bars at all.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What was your inspiration behind Reflections?  

Syn'zere: “Relfections” is my first project ever and in my personal opinion it is the hardest mixtape out because it is different from everyone else’s. The tape talks about the things that go on in the world around us that we ignore. I speak on the way the industry is letting in artist that don’t speak about anything, guys being insecure and cheating on women, myself being cheated on and being the cheater, getting heartbroken, and more. The project is 18 tracks of straight fire story telling. There are no features on it at all, it’s all me. The project is amazing and will forever be a classic, I advise all of the readers and followers to go listen and see for yourself then judge it on your own.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What events or projects do you have upcoming that the fans and viewers should look out for?

Syn'zere: I’m actually setting up a tour where I will be headlining in 10 different cities. The tour so far is being set for Fall 2018. I will most likely have another tape out by then because I am in the process of working on something better than my last project if that’s even possible. Also I will be on the cover of Hype World Magazine in the month of May so be on the lookout for that. Of course I will always have singles dropping but my main focus in 2016 is continuing to brand myself and get my name more attention than it has. My follow crowd as of 2016 is relatively big but I’m always trying to reach out and touch more individuals.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Give some advice to all the other up n coming artist out here trying to make it?

Syn'zere: Never give up on your dreams, you’re in charge of whether you make it or you don’t. Follow your heart and don’t let anyone tear you from what you believe in. Negative people will always get in your ear but never allow them to dictate to you on what you can and can’t do. Kevin Gates said “Negativity is a thief that steals happiness”, and I find that to be completely true. Stay true to yourself and everything will work out in your favor.





Pretty Lyon: Building her Empire


Pretty Lyon is a female MC hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Her unique style definitely sets her apart from her competition. With a new single out "Why" her career is steadily growing and we got a chance to speak with her. Take a trip into her world and and you will see why her empire is growing. 

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When did you realize that making music was what you wanted to do.
Pretty Lyon: I have always been into entertaining. From a young age my mom got me involved with dance, piano, ice skating and a slew of other things, so the love for music from all aspects has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until college that I decided I wanted to be apart of music but from the creating side.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who in the game currently or in the past inspire you.

Pretty Lyon: I support all current artist who were able to make break troughs in the industry but you gotta give respect to those who came before us especially since the industry was so different before. My inspirations include but are not limited to Michael Jackson, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Lil Kim, and Jay Z.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What would you consider your genre or what type of artist are you.
Pretty Lyon: Hmmm, I would say I am the new Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Pop sensation. I literally have so many sounds and can channel different feelings when I’m creating. My songs always have my signature on it but you never know what you may hear.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What was the most memorable moment you have had thus far as a artist.
Pretty Lyon: There a few. I received awards for best album of the year, song of the month, 1,000,000 views on an interview I did for one of my songs “Can’t break me” as well as a couple of other awards. I’d have to say being recognized for my hard work, is so rewarding and puts me in a place to continue doing what I love.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced so far.
Pretty Lyon: I started off in a rap duo called DT DoubleTrouble, consisted of me and my best friend Royal T. We decided to split due to our interests being different and with the split meant I had to pretty much start over. I had to recreate myself, my brand and rebuild my fan base. That was definitely hard for me. Its also very hard being a female in a male dominated industry. I have to always remind myself to stick to being me, be strong minded, be knowledgeable and demand a certain level of respect from the males I come across and have the opportunity to work with.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: When creating a new song,what gets the ideas rolling.
Pretty Lyon: I usually let the beat tell me what to do. I know it may sound weird LOL but if you really listen to an instrumental, it tells you the mood, it gives you a flow to build off of and once I get that going, a ton of topics usually come to mind. Then it gets a little tricky, because at that point I’ve gotta narrow it down.  
Who have you worked with so far. Who would you like to work with.
Pretty Lyon: I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a couple of upcoming artist like King Karma, Brookz, Suicide Inf, Lenisha Nelson, Automatic the Cannibal, and a few others. Some artist I’d like to work with are Dave East, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Tink, Chris Brown, Curren$y, the list can go on and on.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Your most recent single "Why" is nothing short of amazing. What inspired you to create this song.

Pretty Lyon: Thank you, I appreciate that. I  finally 100% trusted myself. “Why” came from a personal experience. I rarely ever let my fans see my vulnerable side but once I did the track and got the feedback I did, I am beginning to trust myself more and who knows my next couple of single may bring the same feeling.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is you viewpoint on the industry right now.
Pretty Lyon: I think the industry is over saturated right now. Everyone is a rapper and it doesn’t take much to be highlighted. For example, before it was never okay to be mediocre, your goal was always to be great and you wouldn’t be accepted and your music wasn’t getting played unless you were great. Artist need to get back to making music that will create longevity and not a just for right now buzz.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Looking back over all of you accomplishments, what was the biggest thing you accomplished.
Pretty Lyon: My music has become international! I have people from Africa, the UK, Argentina contacting me to show love and support as well as work. That's major in my eyes.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Last but not least what would you like to tell all of your fans a sell as some inspiration for those trying to make a come up in the game.
Pretty Lyon: Before you can convince anyone to believe in you and support your movement, you have to whole heartedly believe in yourself. Its okay to take notes from other artist, but always stick to what you know. Don’t be afraid to be the one out of millions to take that leap of faith to create your own lane. Take a moment to think of all the great artist of any time period…..They created something that was undoubtedly AMAZING. Be you, be creative, be consistent, &; be unapologetic. ~Pretty Lyon~ 

Pretty Lyon - "Lyon Freestyle"{A MackCali Production}

Soundcloud: @PrettyLyon


AG Da Genius Child: Soon to be Americas most Wanted


In this unique era of HIP-HOP we're in, the term Genius often gets tossed around after simply hearing a few clever bars. However, AG Griffin has not just confined himself behind a mic. Instead, he has dabbled in all phases of this art we know as HIP-HOP, from his skills on the keys, to a hot 16 freestyle, down to his creative studio productions with up and coming artist. Take a journey inside the mind of the talented "genius child" and see why it's more than just a name!!


When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?  

I 1st fell in love with Hip Hop when I was a young boy riding with my uncle around my hometown. He had a nice sound system in his truck and we were bumbin that Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle" Album.

As a Producer what was the 1st beat you heard that made you just say.. this is what I wanna do? 

It was definitely from JayZ 's Blueprint Album. The "All I Need" Track....The album in a whole inspired me to make beats.


 So.. we have Major producers in the game now... from DJ Khaled to Pharell ..Swizz Beats.. Yezzy.. DJ Nasty.. for example. who is just killin the game in your opinion?

 I would have to say Pharrell as right now. He's had a big couple years...


 Whats your style of production?

I don't think I really have a style. I like to sample as well as making original beats. I'm from the south so anything I do will have 808s!...LOL! "Kanye Shrug" 


Whats the best album on a production standpoint recently and past terms?

In my opinion there are so many albums that I listened to old and new so I just wouldn't be able pick one. 


When you look back at all the great work and projects you have either worked on, which track is your favorite or gives you the most sense of accomplishment?

Honestly, I did a lot of dope sh*t that hasn't been heard but I think it's gonna come from me. A song I've  done. Especially from this new tape.


 Who are some artist you enjoy working with as well as some artist you would like to work more with?  

I love working with my homie Papa Will, Bo National, Young Sleep, and so far as the industry I would like to work with anybody as long as I can put a verse down as well as the beat.


 What is your viewpoint right now on the industry, as far as where we are in hip-hop and what direction do you think hip-hop is headed in?

I think HIP-HOP is good right now. Everybody is needed from non- lyrical rappers to the HIP-HOP purest. They're all needed because we don't need Hip-Hop sounding the same....

One of the newest and most creative ways to make music is to mix genres, what is your opinion on that and do you see yourself joining this new wave?

Yes, I see myself doing that. I mean I don't only make Hip-Hop beats, I'm very into pop as well.


Whats your favorite line ever spit?

" It takes big nuts just to be what you want to be. I'm way to cold how you gon tell me just make beats" AG Da Genius Child - Gas .. LOL...


We have heard you spit a few bars on a couple tracks, what do you prefer being artist or producer.?

I love both. I can't just be one. I'm a " Creative Writer". I don't really like the word "Rapper" lol...! 


What was that feeling. when you 1st hear you voice or another artist over a AG beat?

It was a dope feeling, it would be even more dope if it were a big artist.


 So for the fans, what new projects will you be working on or any appearances/feature that the fans can look  forward too.?

I got "I do it For The Love" coming real soon with videos...!


On that note what inspiration can you put out there for the young and up-n-coming?

"Do what the fuck you feel like doing and there are no rules to this shit. The internet has evened the playing field! Use it"!

 We Ain't Movin (feat. Ray Von) - Single - Ag Da Genius Child

 Press Info

 Instagram: @agdagchild
Facebook: @AGDaGeniusChild
Twitter: @agdagchild
Email: agdagchild@gmail.com 

SUCCESS the Producer: The Name Says it All

Up next behind the controls as a mastermind producer, hailing from St. Thomas V.I, goes by the name Success. With his Caribbean roots and savvy skill set, success-ful has been the result of his many projects. IAMTHEINFLUENC had the opportunity to interview Success for a closer insight as well as his views on Hip-Hop.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Before Iamsuccess was a producer, where did he come from and how did music affect his upbringing?
 Success: I was born on the beautiful island of St.Thomas .I grew up in the church , so music always played a major role in my life

                                        ( Party Starter Produced by success the producer )

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Growing up who was the most influential person in your life and why?
Success:  I would say my mom because no matter what the obstacle, she always made a way through it

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some memorable experiences from your childhood, as well as things you’ve had to overcome that helped you get to where you are today?
Success: Umm, taking band in junior high, some other stuff I really cant talk about , but they've all been learning experiences for me

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When would you say you first fell in love with hip-hop?
Success: I guess I would have to say around my high school years , because before that reggae was what I mostly listened to.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What was it that ultimately made you decide to produce music?
Success: I've always loved music but what intrigued me the most about it was the fact that I could create "my own music" you know,

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Producers today are getting a lot more recognition and becoming a lot more involved with the artist and the music being put out, what is your mindset and objective when trying to co-exist with an artist to make a successful track?
Success: My main objective is to put out the best records possible.So if I have to give my opinion on certain issues, whether it be the lyrics or how the artist is delivering the record then I will do so at the end of the day the song will be a representation of me as well.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist have you work with that really stands out as one of your favorites to work with thus far?
Success: Wow your putting me on the spot here.lol.Umm besides my good friend and artist Jai, I would have to say Kvictoria.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is it about your approach and creativity that you feel sets you apart from other producers?
Success: When you've got a recording session with K vic it feels like a recording session. Lol.if you know what I mean.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Genre mixing has been a growing sensation, what's your take on mixing genre's and what direction do you see the music industry headed as well as your views on its current state?
Success: I think genre mixing is a great idea.Ive seen many people do it , and I also have a few records where I've done it.Personally I feel when it comes to music, there are no boundaries, do what feels good.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some of you favorite producers in the game today? And is there one that really embodies your craft or what you strive to be in the game?
Success: Kanye, Justice League, Ryan Leslie, JCole, Pharrel.And to answer the second question no, im carving my own lane in this music industry.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist would you like to work with the most or you feel you could have the perfect vibe with?
Success: Rick Ross, J Cole, Drake, K Michelle to name a few

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What project would you say you are most proud of?
Success: Currently working on Jai's EP entitled "OPULENCE". Its scheduled to be released summer of 2014, So be on the lookout for that

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist are you currently working with or projects you are currently working
Success: Got some stuff in the works with Cash Tf out of Miami, Kvictoria, Mickey Taylor out of LA, Sno from Nashville, as I mentioned earlier Jai, Slim (Twine Stars) , and a few more people.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some future endeavors or other projects you have in the works that you want your fans to stay tuned for?
Success: Cant really speak on that too much, lol. I will keep yall updated as to whats going on .make sure you follow me on the socials.Twitter:@YuhBoySuccess & Instagram: i_amsucces 

From Pete Rock to Dre, from Timberland to the Neptunes; the art of producing music has been an evolving craft. With fresh new artist, musical innovations and genre fusing, the creative possibilities are endless for a mastermind like Success.

Stay connected with Success
Twitter: @YuhBoySuccess
Instagram: i_amsuccess



When discussing the best world renowned DJ’s, DJ Nasty is certainly a name that has to be thrown in the mix. The Grammy award winning DJ needs no introduction, and has an impeccable resume that’s 2nd to none. Nasty has worked with the hottest artist throughout the music industry. Together with brother LVM, the NastyBeatMakers have produced several records that led to gold, platinum, and double platinum albums. Over the years their productions have helped solidify success for many artists in the game. Lil Wayne, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Pit Bull are just a handful of big names who have dropped bars on a NastyBeatMakers track, and the list goes on. Recently in Orlando, Functuay of IAMTHEINFLUENC sat down with Nasty for an exclusive interview. Among the topics was the current direction of hip-hop, his views on the struggles of finding new talent, as well as the new talent within NastyBeatMakers and future projects.   

IAMTHEINFLUENC: In your hometown of Orlando, you’re a legend and forever will be known as a pioneer. What is your take on Orlando from a music standpoint compared to the other major hip-hop meccas such as New York, Cali, Philly, Miami, and New Orleans etc.?
DJ Nasty: “We still have a ways to go but there’s definitely talent out here. We just need to build our craft and take pride in what we do if we want be hot as the other cities. The other cities undoubtedly have dope producers and so do we. We’ve had the Runners blow up out of here, myself, and Kane beats so we definitely have made our mark as far as producers go but as far as rappers we haven’t hit that mark yet. The city needs to come together and work with each other more. There are good rappers here but when you listen to their music you can’t help but think it could be a lot hotter. When you listen to the collection of artist from cities like ATL and Philly they have hot beats, and their rappin’ over hot stuff, so we just have to learn from the other cities and take full advantage of what we have here in Orlando.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: You’ve produced and worked on a number of hit records from albums that went either gold, platinum, and sometimes double platinum; when you look back at the success of those projects what is the first thing that comes to mind? When you turn on the radio or the TV and you hear a track that you’ve produced, how does that make you feel?

DJ Nasty: “That feeling is amazing. When I first heard any of my records on the radio it was amazing! Excited like a kid in the candy store. Just makes me proud of my work and wanting to keep striving to have more records out there.”
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Recently at the white house correspondents dinner, the President of the United States , Barack Obama, walked out to your track “All I do is win”, how did that make you feel in that moment?
DJ Nasty: “Aw man no words, no words! No words can express how I felt that night when I heard that. It doesn’t get any bigger than the president, for him to walk out to that song and for him to be a minority like me is an even bigger deal. What he did in that building no other president has done in their life and I respect Obama for that. I’m proud of him, his 2 terms, and to be a part of this history because we don’t know when we will ever see another brother up their holding it down for us, so the feeling is definitely amazing.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Being regarded as one of the best at what you do, you are a highly sought after DJ; is your work more so contracted out or do you just go in the lab and create a hit and seek out the best rapper that will bring out the best in your track?
DJ Nasty: “yeah that’s how I always pitch my music. When I create something I tailor make it for a particular artist and that’s how I pitch it. Sometimes it may work the opposite way around but normally I make it specifically for a certain artist.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some artist you enjoy working with as well as some artist you would like to work more with?
DJ Nasty: “Ludacris of course is one of my favorites. Also I love to work with Khaled just because he’s very motivational to work with. He knows exactly what he wants and needs in a track. As far as who I would like to work more with I’d say Jay –Z and probably Drake as well. Drake is special; he’s one hell of an artist.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When you look back at all the great work and projects you have either worked on, which track is your favorite or gives you the most sense of accomplishment?
DJ Nasty: “One of my favorite tracks I ever did was probably Southern Fried Intro for Ludacris and that was on his Chicken and Beer album. I loved it and it had two parts to the record, it had the introduction of the beat and then eventually to where he starts rappin. The way we made it was amazing, with live instruments, guitars, drums, and it was something special. I ran into Kanye one day and he even told me how dope the record was and how he was such a big fan of that record. The record touched a lot of people and that’s good to know.”
: What is your viewpoint right now on the industry, as far as where we are in hip-hop and what direction do you think hip-hop is headed in?
DJ Nasty: “I think right now there are a lot of outlets for new artist to be discovered and to get their music out there. Back in the day’s artist would go straight to a label like Def Jam and hope that they could get a meeting and somehow get signed. Now they can make an amazing record and send it to a blog site, if they like it the blog site will post it up and artist will start to build a fan base. So I definitely feel like hip-hop is in a magnificent place right now.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Back in the days the only people who pushed artist or brought out new artist were big record labels. Now you see rappers and DJ’s creating their own labels or just bringing forth new talent under them. What are some of the struggles artist face when trying to branch out and find talent to work under them and to sustain that new talent in the industry?
DJ Nasty: “That’s definitely a tough thing for any artist. You just have to have the right team and the right personnel to help you to be able to succeed. A lot of people have tried to bring out new artist but I also think you have to have the right artist to do so. Back in the day’s people would try to sign artist and then develop them afterwards but we’re in a new day and age where you can see a hot new rapper on the blog sites starting to blow first. Like take Rick Ross for example, the way he did it was smart. He saw a rapper like Meek Mill starting to gain momentum, and become hot so he went and got him. Then he saw Wale, and it’s the same thing, you see the right artist grinding and moving and you sign them. But at the end of the day you still have to know how to work, because I’ve seen other artist try to do the same thing and it doesn’t happen that way. Ross right now probably has the strongest team we see in the game. But it doesn’t happen the same way for every artist sometimes it takes a little time for the artist to get where he needs to be. Look at Ace Hood, it took time but he here now, sometimes it just takes a little ground work!

IAMTHEINFLUENC: The World knows you as DJ Nasty but before you rose to this level, what are some of your own struggles or experiences that helped you get to where you are now?
DJ Nasty: “I would say some of the same struggles a lot of other people had to endure in this business. Nothing was handed to me, everything I got I had to work hard for. I came from a different era, I’m from the old School so I’ve seen technology change and evolve but I came from an era where I had to carry my crate of records up many flights of stairs just to DJ at parties. I came from a strong struggle but now a DJ just has to pack his lap top and they’re done. Over the years for me there was a lot of doors shut but a lot of them were open as well to help me get to where I am today and I can say if I died tomorrow I’m happy with my life and my accomplishments. Not too many people can say they got a Grammy, or had the president walk out to their record, all those things are amazing to me!”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When you look back at your younger years, who were some of the most influential artist that inspired you?
DJ Nasty: “Of course I’d have to say artist like Prince; super talented, plays every instrument in the book, writes, produces, somebody like that is a musical genius. Quincy Jones, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Mantronix, all these people are musical geniuses and have influenced me, I mean I could go on for days, there are just so many people who were amazing at their craft.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When would you say you first fell in love with hip-hop?
DJ Nasty: “I think it was when I went to New York and I got to get a taste of hip-hop from its birthplace. Going to the Bronx, Fordham road, and the record stores back then and I was just like wow this is crazy, listening to hot97 and Chuck Chillout and Mally mall, hearing them scratch and playing Eric B. and Rakim paid and full. That’s when I really fell in love with it, but when I first heard it was the Sugar Hill era with Rappers Delite, we talking about hip-hop decades ago and it’s still here!”
IAMTHEINFLUENC: One of the newest and most creative ways to make music is to mix genres, what is your opinion on that and do you see yourself joining this new wave?

DJ Nasty: “Well I got a chance to do a R&B record on Khaled’s album, it features Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, and Neyo and it’s such a special record, so I was able to dabble with a little R&B there. I like what’s going on with this EDM movement (Electric Dance Music), the trap house stuff, I like that and I can definitely mess with that. I just appreciate music as a whole I’m not a hater of any genre, I don’t care what it is I have nothing against any kind of music. We all need music, we listen to it in any mood no matter how we’re feeling, music is therapeutic, it’s great for the soul, and music is just amazing. “

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some of your current NastyBeatMaker endeavors as well some future projects that we should stay tuned to?
DJ Nasty: “I’m personally putting out a single in the next couple of months. I’m also going to feature some of my artist off my single. I’m still going to go heavy with the production; we’re working on Khaled’s album as well. We have a dope record on his album that might possibly be the 2nd single and its crazy so definitely look for that! And of course I plan continue to push Shad Star as well as some of the other artist that I’m working with like Caskey, and Kid the traveler; just go hard with them and get there music out there.”

Aside from hit records, you can catch DJ Nasty on Orlando's premier hip-hop radio station Power 95.3, and mixing it up in some of the city's hottest night clubs as well as exclusive star studded events!
Special thanks to M.Lanzó. Moses and LVM of NastyBeatMakers productions and the whole NBM fam.

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