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Def Squad Reunited and Killed the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Def Squad came back like they never left and killed the BET Cypher. Spittin dope bars.
The crew back together Redman, Erick Sermon, and Keith Murray had every true Hip Hop fan and then sum tuned in to see the greatness.

 In case you missed it we got it right here for you...



Douge E. Fresh: Accepts I Am Hip Hop Award


If you have yet to watch the 2014 Hip Hop Awards its a must you go check out. When you think of Hip Hop whats the top 5 legends that come to your mind? Are you done ..Ok! If you are a true supporter and know your Hip Hop history Doug E Fresh would have been one of the 1st names to come to your head. Without a doubt he is a legend. His tittle as the worlds greatest entertainer goes without saying. Which made the choice for BET easy to give him the I AM HIP HOP Award. The speech he gave was very emotional and he showed it, as well as many viewers and audience members. 


Words really can't describe this moment... So we have to footage here for you (Above) of his speech, and not only did he bring a dope speech  Uncle snoop and Doug E. Fresh perform a dope rendition of  
"La Di Da Di". (Below)


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