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Happy birthday to Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z. Jay is the definition of a mogul and all things business. At 43 years old he has climb the ladder in every realm. From world famous rapper to owner of a NBA franchise, there isn’t much he hasn’t conquered. His titles include rapper, franchise owner, philanthropist, CEO of his own clothing line, record company and many more. Among his many fulfillments, this year Jay married Beyonce Knowles, who’s a multi-talented mogul herself. Together the power couple sits atop the social media world.
  This year alone, he has shown us why we should not only be impressed by Jay-Z the rapper but inspired by Shawn Carter the man. Since his last birthday, Carter has welcomed a new baby daughter while dropping one of the most memorable albums to date with his partner Kanye West. Together the two produced the highest grossing tour ever. Also Jay was featured as a producer on one of the top video games of the year, NBA 2K13. While rocking out at the “Made in America festival”, he teamed up with film director Ron Howard for an Oscar winning documentary. Also since he knows so much about running companies and leadership, he used that experience to host and support an exclusive Barack Obama fundraiser. The mogul was the ultimate campaign endorser alongside Mrs. Carter. Together they raised about $4 million and Barack was ultimately re-elected to a 2nd term. Today as Jay-z celebrates his 43rd , we celebrate him, his accomplishments and the legacy he has built.

Written by Functuay of IAMTHEINFLUENC.com

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