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DMX arrested for Driving without License

DMX has to pay a visit to a place that is oh so familiar to him over the past few years.

Early yesterday morning DMX was arrested for driving without a license. South Carolina Police spotted the MC around 2 a.m. driving a 1978 Buick. He was in the vehicle with his 5 month old daughter. He was then transported to Spartanburg Detention Center where he only stayed about 5 hours before making bail.

After being released, here is what he told reporters...

"No, I didn't have a license ... put the cuffs on me. Brought me here. I paid the money. Basically, just 5 hours wasted for nothing."

Yea Yea Yea ... this is a never ending story coming from X . This cat seems to live in trouble. He must enjoys the run ins that he has with the law. His most recent offense comes from a seat belt ticket received while driving in L.A. in January 2012.


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