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North Korea threats continue

                Another week goes by and North Korea is at it again with missile threats. Their fearless leader Kim Jong Un has made it very clear that they have the resources to launch an attack on U.S soil. This week’s threats were a bit different; Kim Jong would insult the American military by comparing our mainland to a boiled pumpkin. He would go on to state the U.S is unable to endure an attack from any enemy foes especially North Korea. An official for the U.S defense would put Americans somewhat at ease and remain firm in the theory that these threats are no more than propaganda and a rhetoric bluff. Another official from the Security Council would also chime in on the threats and remind us that North Korea has a long history of threats in the past and these current ones are nothing but the same wolf tickets. Although U.S officials continue to disregard these threats by North Korea, Americans can only ponder is our government being naïve in dispelling these threats? At some point if these threats continue do we still not act and if we don’t what are our other enemies thinking? Did this same nonchalant-ness contribute to 9/11 attacks? Only time will tell!


The heat turns up on gay marriage, rights

Not too long ago president Obama changed his position on gay marriage. Since then the intensity on the issue has increased around the country from state to state. Many anti-gay groups and leaders have bowed out and conceded a lost in the fight against gay rights. It seems almost inevitable that many states will eventually fall in line and recognize not only the unity between same sex couples but give them their rights as well. Gays and Lesbians collectively know and understand that their battle is not an easy one but they won’t go quietly in the night. Each day the gay/lesbian reform makes more pushes, pushes extending far beyond just the sanctity of marriage. Denied social security benefits as well as paying more taxes for fewer benefits are just a couple of the compelling arguments at stake between gays and their opposition. To say that these equal rights will have a major impact on the U.S financially is a supreme understatement. This in itself will make the opposition hold firm in their stand against gay marriage and rights. This battle could go on for quite some time.


New developments in baby shooting in GA

                On March 21st the unthinkable crime was committed in Brunswick, Georgia. 17 year old De'Marquise Elkins and 15 year old Dominique Lang shot and killed a 13th month year old baby. Both teens were captured and are awaiting trial but since then there have been a few new developments in the case. The sister of one of the individuals has since been charged with evidence tampering. To add to an already bizarre story, a 59 year old city commissioner has been charged in connection with the crime as well. James Henry Brooks did not in any way assist in the murder of the child however a verbal exchanged he had with Elkins after the murder has subsequently landed him before a judge alongside the alleged murderers. Brooks and his lawyer are contesting the charges stating that Brooks conversation with the teen was simply to remind him of his right to remain silent. After finding about his so called reminder police believe he influenced the teen and he is now being charged with influencing a witness and obstruction of justice. With a conviction the commissioner could face a maximum of 20 years in prison for his words. Brooks posted the 5k bond and is not to contact any persons involved in the case. As for the teenagers, we can hope that justice will be served and they face maximum penalty for their gruesome crime against a defenseless baby and his mother.


The 2013 Final Four is set in Atlanta

                A field of 64 has been reduced to just four after a great weekend of NCAA basketball. First team to make it in was hall of famer Jim Boheim and his Syracuse Orangemen. The Orangemen trounced Marquette in the 2nd most lopsided victory of the entire tournament this year. This will be Boheim’s 5th trip to the final four with his lone victory coming in 2003, with a team led by some youngster by the name of Carmelo Anthony. Facing off against Syracuse will be the other #4 seed, Michigan. The wolverines would beat the Florida Gators with ease on their way to their first visit to the final four since 1993. This is a huge turnaround for a prestigious program that was clearly in rebuilding mode just a few seasons prior. On the other side of the bracket heading to Hot-lanta is this year’s Cinderella story, Witchita State. Ironically their nickname is the shockers. Shocker is exactly what they pulled off when they beat a Ohio State team who was riding a wave of momentum after a couple of last second tourney victories. The last team to make it in was the Louisville Cardinals. Rick Pitino’s Cardinals were the odds on favorites to be in the finale but after a tragic injury in the first half against Duke, there was doubts they could still put it out. Sophomore Kevin ware suffered one of the most sickening injuries witnessed after he broke his right leg attempting to contest a 3point jumper. All the air was sucked out of Texas stadium when he went down. A bench full of teammates all instantly grimaced and wept once they seen they leg had snapped. After about 9 minutes of standstill movement, the Cardinal players and coaching staff would all commit to winning the 2nd half of basketball for their fallen teammate. A 42-42 tie was quickly separated into a 12 point lead by the Cardinals. Coach K and the young Blue Devils had no answer to the Louisville attack. Guards Russ Smith and Peyton Siva were relentless while attacking the basket. Together their onslaught of drives to basket would propel Louisville to a route over Duke and a well-earned final four appearance. The final four kicks off April 6th in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

Monday Morning Coffee

Tragedy at Newton, CT

There have been tragedies before in America but this latest massacre in Newton, Connecticut, is something that Americans will never forget. When the beginning of the killing’s unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary, no one imagined that the any of the slain would be children. 20year old Adam Lanza stormed the Elementary school in what is still an unspecified rage, killing what many thought at first were only the principal and the child psychologist. Unfortunately the unthinkable had happened, Lanza went on a terror throughout the school killing many more. After parent, and law enforcement feared the worse, their nightmares were reality, Lanza had unleashed his rage on innocent defenseless children. When police were finally able to canvas the school the bodies of teachers and small children were scattered amongst classrooms. A total of 6 adults murdered and 20 children ages 6-7 hbad their lives ended much too soon. President Obama, who is est to make a formal speech Monday night said, “to newton: our hearts have wept with you all night, these tragedies must stop”.

Oregon Mall shooting

Before this unbelievable massacre in Connecticut, there was another rampage across the country in Portland, Oregon. As usual police are still unsure as to what possessed 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts to walk in a local mall and open fire with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. Along with killing machine he was strapped with many magazines of ammo, in hopes of killing dozens at the mall. Once he descending on his killing journey his gun jammed but he still was able to get it back working killing 2 and wounding a few others. The innocent victims killed were a 45 year old woman and a 54 year old ma, both said to be married and prominent people in the community. There was also another victim wounded who continues to be in serious condition. The 15 year old girl was shot in lung and liver and is stable but faces some risk from the complications. Although there is an ongoing investigation for, police still have yet to find a possible motive.

Hilary takes a spill

Secretary of state Hilary Clinton, suffered a concussion this weekend after being dehydrated. Mrs. Clinton was scheduled to testify this Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. At the time of her concussion she had previously been suffering from a stomach virus which probably led to the dehydration. Deputy assistant secretary of state, Phillipe Reines said she is being monitored by doctors and is recovering at home. Secretary Clinton has a lot on her plate in the upcoming weeks; however her doctors have recommended that she continue whatever work she can at home. With the Nations best interest at heart, Clinton will not attend the hearing this Thursday she will forgo her meeting and leave it to senior assitants

Saints beat Goodell

After a long battle with the Roger Goodell and the NFL, New Orleans Saints players have officially been vindicated from the infamous bounty scandal. All New Orleans Saints players are cleared of any wrong doing, as there was no sufficient evidence linking them to any bounty activity. It’s safe to say the commissioner Goodell is the least bit embarrassed about the allegations that eventually were simply that, allegations. In a statement Goodell could not help but still make derogatory remarks in reference to the Saints players citing that they should not feel good about this victory. Nevertheless the players do and will feel very good about the situation. Vilma, Fujita, Hargrove, and Smith will need all the boost they can get to help a Saints team that needs to win their last games of the season to have a shot to play in the playoffs. 

Monday Morning Coffee

Assassination with sophistication

When you think of an assassination, you typically think of the long sniper rifle attempts from afar. In North Korea that apparently is too easy. North Korean officials have stumbled upon the latest assassination techniques. The advancements are as simple as a ball point pen but when twisted it’s a sophisticated killing machine. Where a normal ink pen point would retract, these deadly pens contain poisonous needles instead. The assassin would only have to brush up on you and give you a slight prick with the pen. First you would immediately start to suffer from muscle paralysis which would lead to suffocation and before you know you are dead in a very short period of time. Korean officials say this is just one of the weapons found on an assassin recently, fortunately his attempt was spoiled. Other similar weapons were found as well including another pen that shoots a bullet with similar toxins as the first pen and also one disguised as a flashlight. Officials say the target for the use of these weapons was an activist in North Korea, however what’s stopping these easily disguised weapons from making it on a plane to countries such as the U.S?

Powerball Jackpot climbs to a new record

For weeks lottery fanatics have flooded convenient stores in hopes of cashing in big. After another winless week the Powerball jackpot has rocketed to a whopping $425 million. Saturday’s drawing was the 4th largest pot ever at $325 million. 15 consecutive drawings have come up empty but the next big opportunity is Wednesday. In 2006 the largest pot got to an insane $365 million, no one ever thought it  would reach the 300’s but here we are 6 years later staring at a $425 million dollar pot. Although this is the largest multistate lottery pot, it still doesn’t touch the U.S payout record of $656 million. Back in March that was claimed by 3 winners who played the Mega Millions jackpot drawing. The current Powerball stakes are held in 42 states, District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands.

Americas first openly bi-sexual Congresswoman

Newly elected congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, is making headlines everywhere but not for her new seat or residing from the great state of Arizona. Sinema is the first openly bi-sexual member elected to congress. The democrat is a former politician, social worker, and professor turned congresswoman. The irony in it all is as Sinema becomes the new elect for the 9th district, she does so in a straight forward conservative state of Arizona. A republican state where their tough as nails on every issue including gun laws, immigration, and where many consider the state to be unconstitutional to its crime offenders. Arizona is home to radical republicans such as John McCain, and Sinema has received a welcome so far anything short of radical. After admitting she has no religious connections or belongs to no religious faith, she has been labeled an atheist and a witch. One thing Krsyten Sinema has also been labeled is strong and tough. She’s going to need every beat of that toughness to survive in a state that’s not exactly jilting a warm welcome thus far.

Black Friday madness does it again

Another year goes by and millions of people pack it in at their favorite black Friday venue. Many of the shopping crazed individuals cancelled thanksgiving to camp out on hard, cold pavement for the opportunity at the first crack of presents. Well thanks to these ridiculous efforts of the givers, this year’s black Friday set a record with 247 million shoppers. This is a 9% jump from last year’s 226 million. Not only were there more shoppers, there were bigger spenders. The official total according to the NRF (National Retail federation) is $59 billion in the 4 day spread, which is a 13% climb from last year. This is largely thanks to advertising and of course the media propaganda as well, who entices new shoppers every year who ordinarily don’t get involved in the chaos. Nevertheless NRF is predicting a cyber-Monday record as well, and I’m predicting crashing servers and viral meltdowns.

Boxing Legend Camacho dies after fatal gunshots

 Days after being fatally wounded in his home town of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Hector Camacho Sr. was taken off life support and declared dead. The 50 year old was shot in the face and neck in a parked car outside a bar in Bayamon. After a few nighst in a San Juan hospital, doctors pronounced Camacho brain dead. The night of the shooting, a friend of Camacho’s, Adrian Moreno was also shot in the same car but died at the scene of the crime. Also at the scene was 9 baggys of cocaine found on and around Moreno. Police have not have not formally called this a drug related incident but have not ruled it out.
Hector “Macho” Camacho, was known for many things including his run-ins with the law but more so for being one hell of a boxer. Today’s boxers could only dream of leaving the legacy he left inside the ring. His reign in boxing stretched over 3 decades. Over the years he fought the best pound for pound fighters. One of the best rivalries of all time the boxing world will never forget was with his nemesis Julio Cesar Chavez. Other historic battles against big name challengers were Sugar Ray Leonard, Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya and Roberto Duran. The south paw finished his career with 88 wins, 79 by KO, and only 6 losses. Hector Macho Camacho is survived by his mother, sister and 4 sons, including his protégé Hector Macho Camacho Jr.

BCS Standings

1. Notre Dame
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. Florida
5. Oregon
6. Kansas State
7. LSU
8. Stanford
9. Texas A&M
10. South Carolina

NFL Scores

Bills13 – Colts20-W
Steeler14 – Browns20-W
Vikings10 – Bears20-W
Raider10 – Bengals34-W
W-Broncos17 – Chiefs9
Titans19 – Jaguars24-W
Seahawks21 – Dolphins24-W
W-Falcons24 – Buccaneers23
W-Ravens16 -  Chargers13
W-49ers31 – Saints21
W-Rams31 – Cardinals17
Packers10 – Giants38-W
Written by Functuay of IAMTHEINFLENC.com



As if Sandy wasn’t bad enough, criminals take advantage

                As the survivors of Hurricane Sandy and police officials still deal with the destruction and chaos amongst broken cities, another storm brews simultaneously. Thieves and con men are waiting at every turn to make profits off the misfortunes of people from the northeast. The callous acts range from price gouging, to looting, and insurance scandals. Many don’t know what to make of this, whether its survival tactics by many or just cruelty by a few. Looters in New York are being arrested by the dozens for syphoning gas to robbery and grand theft. This type of activity is becoming common during natural disasters. It was seen during hurricane Katrina as well as the twisters in the mid-west and tornado alley. Other criminal activities include the insurance scandals and frauds. Some are making false claims of for damage while others are just out of luck with the lack of government aid or insurance. Also some survivors are being fooled by con men posing as insurance adjusters. They tell these emotional and grieve stricken people they have to pay a deductible to get their houses rebuilt or to receive checks for assistance and of course they are unaware it’s a scam until the check is written or the cash leaves their hand. Some of the more unusual crimes involve craigslist ads, and the hoarding of gas. Where does the wickedness end?

C.I.A Scandal, something you on see or hear in the movies

                In a plot you only see in the movies, a business man out of New York says that Jill Kelley asked him for an $80 million commission if she used her influence to win a South Korean business contract. Kelley, if you remember triggered an FBI investigation that led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, by claiming she was a representative of the South Korean government. After doing some digging the South Korean Foreign Ministry, realized Kelley has no weight in the S.K Government and is simply a "special consul" and this title comes with no official responsibilities. With the opportunity of commission on a $4 billion natural gas deal, Kelley tried to infiltrate the trust of vice president of TransGas Development Systems and force a deal. An investigation was sparked and her plan was spoiled. This was not Kelley’s first rodeo; she has tried before convincing someone she had privileges of a special diplomatic status. This Sunday, during a 911 call she claimed a man she didn't know was on her property, and described herself as an "honorary consul general", she just doesn’t stop while she’s behind.

Hostess doors close, but that’s not the end of the “TWINKIE”

                America has started to mourn the loss of the beloved fat kid snack, Twinkie, but not so fast, the snack may still be thriving sooner than we think. While Hostess Brands Inc. closes up shop we may have not seen the last of the Twinkie. Of course it has been just as big of hit as the Big Mac throughout the years, and it may continue to be one if someone decides to take over Hostess’s biggest seller. Reports are saying the in the midst of the Hostess bankruptcy finalization, a bidding war is underway between a number of corporations waiting to capitalize on the Twinkie craze. At this time Hostess does not want to relinquish the info as to what corprations have inquired, but sources say they range from small town bakery corporations to colossal hitters like Pepsi Co. I think we can rest assure Twinkie is alive and well and about to have a new home soon, and in an even more expensive rapper.

JFK worker attempts to steal 3,600 Ipad mini’s, FBI spoils plan

                A JFK Airport cargo worker attempted the dumbest heist FBI Agents have seen in quite a long time. Renel Richardson and 2 other accomplices, who will remain unknown at the time, thought they had a brilliant idea but seemingly brought the house down on their own plan with stupidity. Richardson who had access to the 2 crates of Ipad min’s containing 1800 each, drew suspicion before the attempt by avidly inquiring the whereabouts of the crates before they came in initially. Not only did this spook someone to give up Richardson but he posted an ad on Craigslist prior to the heist telling buyers he needed to sell them all tonight. He set the plan in motion by hiring 2 guys to unload the crates with a fork lift into a waiting trailer. Unfortunately his suspicious activity at work tipped off his co-workers who notify authorities. They tailed Richardson all the way until the mission was nearly complete. I’m sure you will see this one on Americas dumbest criminals in the near future.

Family of bank robbers arrested in Texas

                In Texas they have a new motto, “a family that robs together stays together”. This motto was adopted by a father, son and daughter in southeastern Texas. The trio is tied to a pair of bank robberies in Texas and quite possibly five other robberies in their home state of Oregon. After getting away with a number of the robberies, the bandit family is in the Fort Bend County Jail. In a press release reported on Friday, Texas Sheriff's Office identified the three as 50-year-old Ronald Scott Catt, his 20-year-old son Hayden Scott Catt and his 18-year-old daughter Abigail Catt. Before the initial arrests, police were able to figure out they'd seen the father and son before in disguise on a surveillance video around the 1st Community Credit Union in Katy. The camera footage shows a young man with a fake mustache and an older man in a painter's mask, wearing sunglasses, hats and orange traffic vests that had an "X" on the back. After that robbery, detectives went to a Home Depot near the sheriff's office and found the distinctive orange vests. Shortly afterwards police traveled to a Home Depot about 14 miles north in Katy, where they found stolen license plates between the October 1 robbery and one in August in nearby Harris County. With all the casing and videotapes they were able to piece together the whereabouts of the 3, who are now in a Texas jail.

BCS Standings: The might have fallen…AGAIN

                The might have fallen once again this week. #1 and #2 fell by the wayside after being upset this weekend. The Cinderella storybook season for Kansas State is all but over now after being pummeled 52-20 by Baylor. The Oregon Ducks who looked down right dominating all season were not only held in check in all aspects of the game but stunned by #13 Stanford. With all the shake up and less than 2 weeks before the college season ends who is the new number one and how far have the top dawgs fallen?

2. Alabama
3. Georgia          
5. Oregon           
6. Kansas State
7. LSU
8. Stanford
9. Texas
10. Florida State

NFL Scores

Browns20 – Cowboys23-W
W-Buccaneers27 – Panthers21
W-Bengals28 – Chieifs6
W-Packers24 – Lions20
Jaguars37 – Texans43-W
W-Jets27 – Rams13
Eagles6 – Redskins31-W
Cardinals19 – Falcons23-W
W-Saints38 – Raiders17
Chargers23 – Broncos30-W
Colts24 – Patriots59-W
W-Ravens13 – Steelers10



Florida, late to the dance as usual

Days later after the world nearly forgot they were still counting, Florida finally decides who they voted for. The majority elected to return President Obama back to his seat in the white house. Despite the 4 day hold up in the sunshine state, Obama was able to collect the 274 electoral votes while the night was still young. Of course there’s no exact word as to why Florida was late to the party, but it’s becoming a continuous problem. If you remember years ago the famous “recount scandal”, where Florida needed to recount millions of votes after there was some accusations of tampering. This year the words tampering have not be thrown around however there is clearly some cause for concern and obvious voting issues throughout the counties of Florida. Among the voting woes, thousands of registered voters had their ballots disqualified after failing to apply their John Hancock. Also some counties reported that many machines had mysteriously switched votes from candidate to candidate. In his acceptance speech President Obama made a comment in reference to finding better solutions for voting. On his agenda list maybe he can find a solution for Florida because there is no doubt there are problems, and it’s starting to point to voter fraud.

2016 potential candidates

A week in to Obama’s 2nd term, there is already speculation as to who will run in the 2016 presidential election. 2 of the possible candidates are sitting under the cabinet of President Obama. When asked was this his last time voting casting a vote for himself, Vice President Joe Biden said “he doesn’t think so”. Over a month ago during the Obama campaign, he made a speech where he said “And after its all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016”. As he has not officially announced anything yet, but many seem to think Joe will run with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as his running mate and future VP. Hilary has declined any statements confirming or denying her running with Joe, but in a magazine interview last month she did say she was not going to run for president. Among those slated to begin the race in 2016 are Governors Bob McDonnell, from Jersey Chris Christie, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal.

Same sex marriage states and legalized marijuana

We not only re-elected the president to a second term but some states got a bit of an upgrade too or in some peoples thoughts, a downgrade. After battling the issue for years, a handful of states have gotten on aboard for the approval of same sex marriages. It’s a subject that has brought a scatter of mixed emotions. The new same sex states are Maryland, Maine, Washington, Connecticut,  Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. The decision will impact greatly on each state especially financially. Along with gay marriages, legalized marijuana is making its home in a couple states after this year’s election. Colorado and Washington have decided “yes” to the recreational use of marijuana. Citizens who are 21 years or older can now legally purchase marijuana without requiring a medical prescription. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper urged citizens "don't break out the Cheetos or the Goldfish too quickly." By this he was implying that it is legal however the kinks still need to be worked out and it’s going to take time for the proper planning and organization as far as possible distribution and the implementation of affiliating laws.

BCS Standings: shake up

This week’s BCS standings are going to be tossed around a bit once again. This weekend #1 Alabama, who many thought were the strongest and most complete team in the nation, fell like goliath. #15 Texas A&M, led by the superb freshman Johnny “Football” Manzell, struck a mighyt a blow and knocked the Crimson Tide off the pedestal. Manzell was illusive with his feet and accurate with his arm, and in the end A.J McCarron couldn’t engineer the tying scoring drive to save their loss column and possibly their season. With the loss that leaves only 3 unbeaten teams in the ranks of the BCS. Who is the new number 1, 2, and 3 and how far will Alabama fall this week?
1 Kansas State 10-0
2 Oregon 10-0
3 Notre Dame 10-0
4 Alabama 9-1
5 Georgia 9-1
6 Florida 9-1
7 LSU 8-2
8 Texas A&M 8-2
9 South Carolina 8-2
10 Florida State 9-1

NFL Recap

The talk of this weekend in the NFL was the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons going into New Orleans taking on the red hot Saints. Matt Ryan and the dirty birds have been the picture of perfection this year with an 8-0 start, but Brees and the Saints are back in sync and have found that prolific offense were use to seeing. Atlanta struck first and the early on but it was the New Orleans defense that stepped up and sealed the 31-27 win and knocking Atlanta off the unbeaten throne. Although it wasn’t enough, Ryan put up MVP like numbers, 411 yards and 3 touchdowns. Brees finished with a modest 298 yards, 3 touchdowns; behind solid running from Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram who combined, ran for 139.
Bills31 – Patriots37-W
Raider20 – Ravens55-W
W-Broncos36  - Panthers14
Giants13 – Bengals31-W
Lions24 – Vikings34-W
W-Titans37 – Dolphins3
Falcons27 – Saints31-W
Chargers24 – Buccaneers34-W
Jets7 – Seahawks28-W
W-Cowboys38 – Eagles23
Rams24 – 49ers24
W-Texans13 – Bears6

Written by Functuay of Iamtheinfluenc.com


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