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Pretty Lyon: Building her Empire


Pretty Lyon is a female MC hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Her unique style definitely sets her apart from her competition. With a new single out "Why" her career is steadily growing and we got a chance to speak with her. Take a trip into her world and and you will see why her empire is growing. 

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When did you realize that making music was what you wanted to do.
Pretty Lyon: I have always been into entertaining. From a young age my mom got me involved with dance, piano, ice skating and a slew of other things, so the love for music from all aspects has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until college that I decided I wanted to be apart of music but from the creating side.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who in the game currently or in the past inspire you.

Pretty Lyon: I support all current artist who were able to make break troughs in the industry but you gotta give respect to those who came before us especially since the industry was so different before. My inspirations include but are not limited to Michael Jackson, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Lil Kim, and Jay Z.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What would you consider your genre or what type of artist are you.
Pretty Lyon: Hmmm, I would say I am the new Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Pop sensation. I literally have so many sounds and can channel different feelings when I’m creating. My songs always have my signature on it but you never know what you may hear.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What was the most memorable moment you have had thus far as a artist.
Pretty Lyon: There a few. I received awards for best album of the year, song of the month, 1,000,000 views on an interview I did for one of my songs “Can’t break me” as well as a couple of other awards. I’d have to say being recognized for my hard work, is so rewarding and puts me in a place to continue doing what I love.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced so far.
Pretty Lyon: I started off in a rap duo called DT DoubleTrouble, consisted of me and my best friend Royal T. We decided to split due to our interests being different and with the split meant I had to pretty much start over. I had to recreate myself, my brand and rebuild my fan base. That was definitely hard for me. Its also very hard being a female in a male dominated industry. I have to always remind myself to stick to being me, be strong minded, be knowledgeable and demand a certain level of respect from the males I come across and have the opportunity to work with.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: When creating a new song,what gets the ideas rolling.
Pretty Lyon: I usually let the beat tell me what to do. I know it may sound weird LOL but if you really listen to an instrumental, it tells you the mood, it gives you a flow to build off of and once I get that going, a ton of topics usually come to mind. Then it gets a little tricky, because at that point I’ve gotta narrow it down.  
Who have you worked with so far. Who would you like to work with.
Pretty Lyon: I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a couple of upcoming artist like King Karma, Brookz, Suicide Inf, Lenisha Nelson, Automatic the Cannibal, and a few others. Some artist I’d like to work with are Dave East, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Tink, Chris Brown, Curren$y, the list can go on and on.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Your most recent single "Why" is nothing short of amazing. What inspired you to create this song.

Pretty Lyon: Thank you, I appreciate that. I  finally 100% trusted myself. “Why” came from a personal experience. I rarely ever let my fans see my vulnerable side but once I did the track and got the feedback I did, I am beginning to trust myself more and who knows my next couple of single may bring the same feeling.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is you viewpoint on the industry right now.
Pretty Lyon: I think the industry is over saturated right now. Everyone is a rapper and it doesn’t take much to be highlighted. For example, before it was never okay to be mediocre, your goal was always to be great and you wouldn’t be accepted and your music wasn’t getting played unless you were great. Artist need to get back to making music that will create longevity and not a just for right now buzz.
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Looking back over all of you accomplishments, what was the biggest thing you accomplished.
Pretty Lyon: My music has become international! I have people from Africa, the UK, Argentina contacting me to show love and support as well as work. That's major in my eyes.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Last but not least what would you like to tell all of your fans a sell as some inspiration for those trying to make a come up in the game.
Pretty Lyon: Before you can convince anyone to believe in you and support your movement, you have to whole heartedly believe in yourself. Its okay to take notes from other artist, but always stick to what you know. Don’t be afraid to be the one out of millions to take that leap of faith to create your own lane. Take a moment to think of all the great artist of any time period…..They created something that was undoubtedly AMAZING. Be you, be creative, be consistent, &; be unapologetic. ~Pretty Lyon~ 

Pretty Lyon - "Lyon Freestyle"{A MackCali Production}

Soundcloud: @PrettyLyon


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