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Drake Shoots back At Meek Mill with "Back to Back"

In case you've been under a rock somewhere on Pluto, you have definitely heard about the Meek Mill vs Drake situation. Meek took to Twitter blasting drake in the speculations of him using a ghostwriter. As you know Quentin Miller the alleged ghostwriter took to his Tumblr with a statement denying these rumors. Over the weekend Drizzy responded with a track "Charged Up". In which Meek responds calling it "baby lotion soft".

Well on Yesterday Drake released "back to back". Let's just say Meek can't call this one "Soft" , especially with lines like this.....

"Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, you gettin bodied by a singin ni**a." 

Yea just like that Drake shows why he is a force to reckon with lyrically. Now you be the judge...take a listen


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