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AG Da Genius Child: Soon to be Americas most Wanted


In this unique era of HIP-HOP we're in, the term Genius often gets tossed around after simply hearing a few clever bars. However, AG Griffin has not just confined himself behind a mic. Instead, he has dabbled in all phases of this art we know as HIP-HOP, from his skills on the keys, to a hot 16 freestyle, down to his creative studio productions with up and coming artist. Take a journey inside the mind of the talented "genius child" and see why it's more than just a name!!


When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?  

I 1st fell in love with Hip Hop when I was a young boy riding with my uncle around my hometown. He had a nice sound system in his truck and we were bumbin that Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle" Album.

As a Producer what was the 1st beat you heard that made you just say.. this is what I wanna do? 

It was definitely from JayZ 's Blueprint Album. The "All I Need" Track....The album in a whole inspired me to make beats.


 So.. we have Major producers in the game now... from DJ Khaled to Pharell ..Swizz Beats.. Yezzy.. DJ Nasty.. for example. who is just killin the game in your opinion?

 I would have to say Pharrell as right now. He's had a big couple years...


 Whats your style of production?

I don't think I really have a style. I like to sample as well as making original beats. I'm from the south so anything I do will have 808s!...LOL! "Kanye Shrug" 


Whats the best album on a production standpoint recently and past terms?

In my opinion there are so many albums that I listened to old and new so I just wouldn't be able pick one. 


When you look back at all the great work and projects you have either worked on, which track is your favorite or gives you the most sense of accomplishment?

Honestly, I did a lot of dope sh*t that hasn't been heard but I think it's gonna come from me. A song I've  done. Especially from this new tape.


 Who are some artist you enjoy working with as well as some artist you would like to work more with?  

I love working with my homie Papa Will, Bo National, Young Sleep, and so far as the industry I would like to work with anybody as long as I can put a verse down as well as the beat.


 What is your viewpoint right now on the industry, as far as where we are in hip-hop and what direction do you think hip-hop is headed in?

I think HIP-HOP is good right now. Everybody is needed from non- lyrical rappers to the HIP-HOP purest. They're all needed because we don't need Hip-Hop sounding the same....

One of the newest and most creative ways to make music is to mix genres, what is your opinion on that and do you see yourself joining this new wave?

Yes, I see myself doing that. I mean I don't only make Hip-Hop beats, I'm very into pop as well.


Whats your favorite line ever spit?

" It takes big nuts just to be what you want to be. I'm way to cold how you gon tell me just make beats" AG Da Genius Child - Gas .. LOL...


We have heard you spit a few bars on a couple tracks, what do you prefer being artist or producer.?

I love both. I can't just be one. I'm a " Creative Writer". I don't really like the word "Rapper" lol...! 


What was that feeling. when you 1st hear you voice or another artist over a AG beat?

It was a dope feeling, it would be even more dope if it were a big artist.


 So for the fans, what new projects will you be working on or any appearances/feature that the fans can look  forward too.?

I got "I do it For The Love" coming real soon with videos...!


On that note what inspiration can you put out there for the young and up-n-coming?

"Do what the fuck you feel like doing and there are no rules to this shit. The internet has evened the playing field! Use it"!

 We Ain't Movin (feat. Ray Von) - Single - Ag Da Genius Child

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 Instagram: @agdagchild
Facebook: @AGDaGeniusChild
Twitter: @agdagchild
Email: agdagchild@gmail.com 

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