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Wayne vs Baby and Cash Money:The Saga Continues

As you all have heard, Wayne and Birdman are at odds. From the looks of it Weezy is possibly taking Cash Money boss to court, according to TMZ. Wayne threatening a lawsuit over an apparent 8 million owed to him.

Reports say they tried hashing things out, but nothing was solved. Wayne says he wants out and is asking the judge to release him from his contacts. Claiming that baby didn't live up to terms with the Tha Carter V by withholding the release. Also suing for 8 million owed from his advance on his last album. 

On Sorry 4 wait 2 Weezy continues to throw shots an Baby and Cash Money. With all that being said .. hopefully this is all resolved soon because we ready for Tha Carter V release.

Hip Hop: The Vent


They are just getting by.. Who you ask.. The so called MCs that get a dope beat and start spitting out foolishness and its entertained by those that have the slightest clue as to what Hip Hop is. Don't get it twisted there isn't anything wrong with a good party track to keep the head bopping... But let's not get it confused with top Lyrics. 

Sadly enough there are only a few real dope lyrical rappers that get the attention they deserve. The others just get lost in the shuffle because they aren't "commercial" enough or they can't get those dope tracks. Scrolling through social media and up comes a statement that "Kevin Gates is the best rapper out and Lil Wayne's new mixtape proves it." Ok, now there is no shade thrown at Gates because he is dope.. But no not even close and no comparison. This Hip Hop nation is a issue, people don't wanna sit and vibe out to dope lyrics any more, their brains are lazy. 

A cool voice and dope beat only get you so far.. Ask the greats, such as JayZ, Nas,Weezy, just to name a few for the young generation that has forgotten. They combined lyrics 1st, then came the crazy beats came later. They have been very successful. 

Here is a challenge for the people. Go home and go and listen to a artist that spits lyrics.. For the guys go check out Joe Budden, and ladies go sit and listen to Nicki Minaj, not for her crazy party track but the ones that touch your soul. I guarantee you come out with a better outlook.

For you producers I challenge you to look for the artist that has talent and not gimmick. Make em prove they deserve you A-list million dollar beats.

Until next time this has been a IAMTHEINFLUENC.com Hip Hop Vent.. Peace,Love and always keep it Hip Hop.

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