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Hip Hop: The art of story telling and lyrics.. Is is dead?

HIP HOP, how many of you know exactly what it means. Not many huh? Exactly! What is this Hip Hop you ask? Hip Hop started in the Bronx in the 70's and soon spread throughout New York. Hip Hop is a mix of many cultures.From the Turntables to the Graffiti .. Just for a quick description, Hip Hop quickly grew and became a multicultural leader in fashion and the music industry.

Well here is a thought, name your favorite artist.. OK.. now listen to his/her music. now tell us the story they recited.... we'll wait!!! That's because unless you are a die hard ol' skool Hip Hop fan, you know absolutely nothing of the "Art of story Telling". Which is a rare occasion in today's Hip Hop.  Now don't get it twisted there are so many talented individuals in the game right now and their ability to change with times is amazing.

OK!... here is your next quiz, name a few lyrical artist, and in some occasions I've been heard called"boring artist" or "I can't dance to this" just to name a few. So can you name any..........? Did your list include J Cole , Wale, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, or Joe Budden ... Nah I doubt it. Why? mainly because sometimes you people look at heir music as "lame" which is far from the truth.

Now let's start with Joe Budden. I'm sure may of you have a few rash thoughts about this cat here. So yea yea yea .. he has had his issues with the drug thing, which we pray he gets that under control. also His love life. But, how many have actually listened to any of his music, I highly doubt anybody really listened to it. This guys last two albums " No Love Lost" and "Some Love Lost" were basically a "book on a CD" the lyrics were insane and he told the stories of his life. You can either late or you feel as if you are there as the track spills into your soul. Dope right. I even remember hearing a DJ/Producer criticize the beats, com on man.. you don't deserve to be a DJ if that's all you heard. But the point is he go this Hip Hop and story telling under wraps...Give him his props ..very under rated dude.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/born-sinner-deluxe-version/id651105499?uo=4&at=1l3vqPoNext on the let us discuss J Cole... "speechless" . Still tryna figure out why he doesn't get the love he deserves.I mean we talkin bout the same guy that the GOAT Jay Z signed to Roc Nation, the same guy Nas gave props to.. We talkin bout two of the greatest EVER!!!. So why does he not get that RESPECT. His Recent Album  2014 Forest Hills Drive, INSANE album. No singles, no features just straight drop.. No wait he #1 right now .. I guess he done got his respect.. "HOLLYWOOD COLE" keep doing you Son! And all  u Haters go get the Album and get some real music in ya life.

Wale... yup.. MMG's very own poet behind the mike. This guy here can out flow anybody..BUt the nay sayers say all he talk about is love, or he not "Gangsta" enough. I wish i could hear what some people definition of gangsta is..Its guaranteed this guy music will vibe out any arena. 'Just Wait" and Listen.

Check this tho.. Its a few more that could be named , but as they say that's too much to type. Drake,yea he sing and rap.. SO WHAT!!! He can kill any track and you understand the meaning of every title to every track, the best at what he does. The Barb Nicki...yea she got it on lock... An lets not forget the Up n coming 3DNATEE. New Orleans Breead and can shut most dudes down. check her out she got many stories to tell..

Alright alright.. thas enough real for you folks. Just don't forget Hip Hop is not just the glitz and Glamor. Its our way to express. A new Genre. Its versatile , the fashion creator, HIP HOP is running the word, Lets not waste it. Keep the REAL music going The Lyrics, the stories, most importantly the LOVE of the craft. Lets make more movements. Your answer no "The Art" isn't dead we just only have a select few that still possess that skill. This has been a IAMTHEINFLUENCE.COM moment by  non other than "Mr IAMTHEINFLUENC" as we like to say "Keep it Hip Pop and may God bless"


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Cam Newton has been released from hospital after car crash

Cam Newton has headed home after the wreck he was involved in that caused his truck to flip. Newton was released and is home now resting up and recouping with family. As it looks according to the police reports Newton is not at fault.

According to witnesses a driver pulled out in front of Newton as he headed to Panthers facilities. The driver stuck Cams rear driver side tire. Newton says he tried to avoid the collision but was not successful resulting in the overturning of his vehicle.According to police he wasn't speeding at the time of the wreck.

The Panthers have put out a statement on Tuesday, stating that Cam Newton will be sidelined for this Sundays game. He suffered two fractures in his back as a result of the crash.

Newton recently posted a pic of his truck on Facebook and here is what he had to say... 
 "I do not know where to begin because by the look of that picture so ME one is supposed to be dead or severely injured worse than what I am right now! While I am resting up the thought that keeps flashing in my mind is that GOD IS GOOD and someone has there protective hands on my life shielding me from any danger that may come my way! I know one thing, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF "IF" you are holding a grudge against someone, "IF" you don't tell the people that's close and dear to you that "YOU LOVE THEM" every chance you get, "IF" your mad because something didn't go your way today! L1FE IS TO SHORT FOR YOU NOT TO APPRECIATE IT TO THE FULLNESS; THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BAD! I thank you to the people who have been keeping me in there prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery! I am appreciative for the many great things GOD has given me to be thankful for. It's a old cliché statement but it says "GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!" And as that crash constantly plays back in my mind every time I close my eyes, I can't go another day without me THANKING GOD for the opportunities he has given me in my life and this accident puts ALOT of things in perspective of what's important and what's not! SHAMEonYOU if YOU go another second in life with holding a grudge or HATING on someone, taking life for granted, or just not appreciating the breath you just breathed; trust and believe there are plenty people with illnesses, people in the hospital, or even people that are 6ft under the earth that W1SH they had "another"opportunity to do so! So if you read this I challenge you to L1VE life to the fullness everyday! 1OVE the people who are close to you (and don't be afraid to tell them as well)! FORG1VE "whoever" for "whatever" they did! Trust when I tell you that L1FE is to short for you NOT to do those things! ‪#‎THANKyouJESUSforALLOWINGmeTOseeANOTHERday‬"

 The injuries that Newton incurred are not the type that affect you nerves, so with that being said we are praying for your well being and speedy recovery..

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