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Lil Boosie - Show The World ft. Webbie & Kiara


Legacy Ft Millyz (Prod. By Success The Producer)


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SUCCESS the Producer: The Name Says it All

Up next behind the controls as a mastermind producer, hailing from St. Thomas V.I, goes by the name Success. With his Caribbean roots and savvy skill set, success-ful has been the result of his many projects. IAMTHEINFLUENC had the opportunity to interview Success for a closer insight as well as his views on Hip-Hop.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Before Iamsuccess was a producer, where did he come from and how did music affect his upbringing?
 Success: I was born on the beautiful island of St.Thomas .I grew up in the church , so music always played a major role in my life

                                        ( Party Starter Produced by success the producer )

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Growing up who was the most influential person in your life and why?
Success:  I would say my mom because no matter what the obstacle, she always made a way through it

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some memorable experiences from your childhood, as well as things you’ve had to overcome that helped you get to where you are today?
Success: Umm, taking band in junior high, some other stuff I really cant talk about , but they've all been learning experiences for me

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When would you say you first fell in love with hip-hop?
Success: I guess I would have to say around my high school years , because before that reggae was what I mostly listened to.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What was it that ultimately made you decide to produce music?
Success: I've always loved music but what intrigued me the most about it was the fact that I could create "my own music" you know,

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Producers today are getting a lot more recognition and becoming a lot more involved with the artist and the music being put out, what is your mindset and objective when trying to co-exist with an artist to make a successful track?
Success: My main objective is to put out the best records possible.So if I have to give my opinion on certain issues, whether it be the lyrics or how the artist is delivering the record then I will do so at the end of the day the song will be a representation of me as well.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist have you work with that really stands out as one of your favorites to work with thus far?
Success: Wow your putting me on the spot here.lol.Umm besides my good friend and artist Jai, I would have to say Kvictoria.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What is it about your approach and creativity that you feel sets you apart from other producers?
Success: When you've got a recording session with K vic it feels like a recording session. Lol.if you know what I mean.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Genre mixing has been a growing sensation, what's your take on mixing genre's and what direction do you see the music industry headed as well as your views on its current state?
Success: I think genre mixing is a great idea.Ive seen many people do it , and I also have a few records where I've done it.Personally I feel when it comes to music, there are no boundaries, do what feels good.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some of you favorite producers in the game today? And is there one that really embodies your craft or what you strive to be in the game?
Success: Kanye, Justice League, Ryan Leslie, JCole, Pharrel.And to answer the second question no, im carving my own lane in this music industry.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist would you like to work with the most or you feel you could have the perfect vibe with?
Success: Rick Ross, J Cole, Drake, K Michelle to name a few

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What project would you say you are most proud of?
Success: Currently working on Jai's EP entitled "OPULENCE". Its scheduled to be released summer of 2014, So be on the lookout for that

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What artist are you currently working with or projects you are currently working
Success: Got some stuff in the works with Cash Tf out of Miami, Kvictoria, Mickey Taylor out of LA, Sno from Nashville, as I mentioned earlier Jai, Slim (Twine Stars) , and a few more people.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some future endeavors or other projects you have in the works that you want your fans to stay tuned for?
Success: Cant really speak on that too much, lol. I will keep yall updated as to whats going on .make sure you follow me on the socials.Twitter:@YuhBoySuccess & Instagram: i_amsucces 

From Pete Rock to Dre, from Timberland to the Neptunes; the art of producing music has been an evolving craft. With fresh new artist, musical innovations and genre fusing, the creative possibilities are endless for a mastermind like Success.

Stay connected with Success
Twitter: @YuhBoySuccess
Instagram: i_amsuccess


Rick Ross - Nobody (Explicit) ft. French Montana, Puff Daddy


YG - My Nigga ft. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj


Chris Brown - Loyal (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga


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