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The 56th Grammy Awards Recap

The night our favorite artist have waited for is here. I think it's safe to expect some of our usual suspects to rack up in a few categories. On the other hand there are certainly some newcomers worthy of some hardware. Just browsing through the nominees you'll see a lot unfamiliar names, I'm not sure if that's a wake up call to the musical vets or a positive expansion in the world of music, either way we ceaseless to be entertained. 

Kicking off the night and performances was Bey and Jay. BeyoncĂ© did her epic "drunk in love" track with hubby hov. The two have had the world buzzing for a minute now with this uncharacteristic like hit by Bey. I'm not sure if the infatuation of the song is from how good it is or because Bey stepped out of her shell and did something out of the norm, needless to say she rocked the stage, half naked and all. 

Also doing a stellar performance was Daft Punk. The team choreograph a funky little Stars Wars theme, definitely got some love around the world for that one. The punk squad also picked up some steel with a Grammy win for best pop duo performance with their collab with Pharrell.

Not a surprising winner but in a surprising upset, Macklemore wins for best new artist. He beat out Kendrick Lamar who is undoubtedly a house hold name. You got to wonder if Lamar's success almost disqualified him from this category.

In the best pop performance, Lorde snagged one for the hit single "Royals". This song was definitely different from what you're accustomed to seeing in today's songs and videos but it very relatable.

Rock God, Paul McCartney came out a winner for best rock song with "cut me some slack". Who says you're too old to rock out!?!

Joining veteran rock winner club is Led Zepplin. Zep took home the Grammy for best Rock Rock Album.

Alicia Keys has kind of been missing from the limelight but she made a bit of her presence felt as of late. Keys wins Grammy for best R&B album. The journey to this victory was led by the hit single "girl on fire".

Adding to his total, Maclemore wins the Grammy for Rap album of the year as well as Rap song of the year with "Thrift Store". I know a lot of people were a bit shocked by this one including myself. Not only did Maclemore beat out pound for pound some of the best artist in the game with "thrift store" but his album "the heist" manage to out due "yeezus" and "magna carta"! This is an upset if I've ever heard of one. Somewhere Kanye is ranting he's been robbed. 

Although Jay-Z missed out on best song and album and song but he would take home the best video award. The epic collab with pretty boy Justin Timberlake was mega hit this past summer and nested at the top of charts for months. Speaking of JT, he managed to snag a Grammy of his own for "pusher love girl." The track won for best R&B song. 

Bad Girl R-Ri didn't rack up like we're accustomed to seeing but victorious still. Rihanna took the Grammy for best Urban Comtemporary album.

Bruno Mars collected this year at the #Grammys as well. Mars award came in the form best pop vocals for "unorthodox jukebox". 

This years 2 biggest winners were clearly Daft Punk who featured Pharrell and Maclemore. I don't think anyone expected either to steal the awards they did. Pharrells smooth voice really made this track the true hit it is. The record of the years is undoubted bone the most coveted #Grammys of the year. Maclemore kept mouths on the floor with each of his stunning wins. I can't imagine anyone who expected him to make it out alive in categories with the likes of Jay-Z, Ye', Drake and Kendrick Lamar. You can only expect music to improve from here. The heavyweights went to battle and virtually lost to a newcomer. All in all this past year was a superb and most memorable year for music. 

Written by Functuay of IAMTHEINFLUENC



Call him cocky, paparazzi crazed, controversial, or just plain nuts but Mr. West has done it again. “Yeezus”, the name of his latest masterpiece, has just been certified platinum. This is the 7th consecutive platinum album for Kanye. The album dropped back on June 18th; it didn’t exactly sprint towards the platinum finish line but still impressive the nonetheless. The journey was led by singles like “Blood on the leaves” and “New Slaves.”
 Ye’ is still out making his rounds on tour; a tour that was extended due to its overwhelming success. The Yeezus tour has raked in more than $25 million, making it 2013’s most successful tour by far.

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Future, Miley Cyrus - Real and True ft. Mr Hudson


James Avery "Uncle Phil" dies at 65

James Avery, one of tv's beloved father's, passed away late Tuesday night. Avery, 65, died from complications of his recent open heart surgery. The actor has played tons of roles over the years but will forever be known as "Uncle Phil" on the hit show "Fresh Prince of Belair." On one of America's best sitcoms ever, Avery played the role of a stern but loving, and sometimes comedic father, a role that a diverse audience could relate to.

Many of his peers spoke out about the news of his passing. His son on the show, Alfonso Robeiro aka "Carlton", said via twitter "I'm deeply saddened to say that James Avery has passed away. He was a second father to me. I will miss him greatly."

Before Uncle Phil came into our lives, James Avery had an already impressive resume. He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. After a brief military stint, he then studied and pursued a career in acting. In 1980 his first shot at stardom was an uncredited role as a dancer in the movie Blues Brothers. Not only was he a classically trained actor but he was an exceptional poet. The world truly lost a brilliant man with profound talent. James Avery and the legacy of "Uncle Phil" will live on forever.

Written by Functuay


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