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When discussing the best world renowned DJ’s, DJ Nasty is certainly a name that has to be thrown in the mix. The Grammy award winning DJ needs no introduction, and has an impeccable resume that’s 2nd to none. Nasty has worked with the hottest artist throughout the music industry. Together with brother LVM, the NastyBeatMakers have produced several records that led to gold, platinum, and double platinum albums. Over the years their productions have helped solidify success for many artists in the game. Lil Wayne, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Pit Bull are just a handful of big names who have dropped bars on a NastyBeatMakers track, and the list goes on. Recently in Orlando, Functuay of IAMTHEINFLUENC sat down with Nasty for an exclusive interview. Among the topics was the current direction of hip-hop, his views on the struggles of finding new talent, as well as the new talent within NastyBeatMakers and future projects.   

IAMTHEINFLUENC: In your hometown of Orlando, you’re a legend and forever will be known as a pioneer. What is your take on Orlando from a music standpoint compared to the other major hip-hop meccas such as New York, Cali, Philly, Miami, and New Orleans etc.?
DJ Nasty: “We still have a ways to go but there’s definitely talent out here. We just need to build our craft and take pride in what we do if we want be hot as the other cities. The other cities undoubtedly have dope producers and so do we. We’ve had the Runners blow up out of here, myself, and Kane beats so we definitely have made our mark as far as producers go but as far as rappers we haven’t hit that mark yet. The city needs to come together and work with each other more. There are good rappers here but when you listen to their music you can’t help but think it could be a lot hotter. When you listen to the collection of artist from cities like ATL and Philly they have hot beats, and their rappin’ over hot stuff, so we just have to learn from the other cities and take full advantage of what we have here in Orlando.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: You’ve produced and worked on a number of hit records from albums that went either gold, platinum, and sometimes double platinum; when you look back at the success of those projects what is the first thing that comes to mind? When you turn on the radio or the TV and you hear a track that you’ve produced, how does that make you feel?

DJ Nasty: “That feeling is amazing. When I first heard any of my records on the radio it was amazing! Excited like a kid in the candy store. Just makes me proud of my work and wanting to keep striving to have more records out there.”
IAMTHEINFLUENC: Recently at the white house correspondents dinner, the President of the United States , Barack Obama, walked out to your track “All I do is win”, how did that make you feel in that moment?
DJ Nasty: “Aw man no words, no words! No words can express how I felt that night when I heard that. It doesn’t get any bigger than the president, for him to walk out to that song and for him to be a minority like me is an even bigger deal. What he did in that building no other president has done in their life and I respect Obama for that. I’m proud of him, his 2 terms, and to be a part of this history because we don’t know when we will ever see another brother up their holding it down for us, so the feeling is definitely amazing.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Being regarded as one of the best at what you do, you are a highly sought after DJ; is your work more so contracted out or do you just go in the lab and create a hit and seek out the best rapper that will bring out the best in your track?
DJ Nasty: “yeah that’s how I always pitch my music. When I create something I tailor make it for a particular artist and that’s how I pitch it. Sometimes it may work the opposite way around but normally I make it specifically for a certain artist.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some artist you enjoy working with as well as some artist you would like to work more with?
DJ Nasty: “Ludacris of course is one of my favorites. Also I love to work with Khaled just because he’s very motivational to work with. He knows exactly what he wants and needs in a track. As far as who I would like to work more with I’d say Jay –Z and probably Drake as well. Drake is special; he’s one hell of an artist.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When you look back at all the great work and projects you have either worked on, which track is your favorite or gives you the most sense of accomplishment?
DJ Nasty: “One of my favorite tracks I ever did was probably Southern Fried Intro for Ludacris and that was on his Chicken and Beer album. I loved it and it had two parts to the record, it had the introduction of the beat and then eventually to where he starts rappin. The way we made it was amazing, with live instruments, guitars, drums, and it was something special. I ran into Kanye one day and he even told me how dope the record was and how he was such a big fan of that record. The record touched a lot of people and that’s good to know.”
: What is your viewpoint right now on the industry, as far as where we are in hip-hop and what direction do you think hip-hop is headed in?
DJ Nasty: “I think right now there are a lot of outlets for new artist to be discovered and to get their music out there. Back in the day’s artist would go straight to a label like Def Jam and hope that they could get a meeting and somehow get signed. Now they can make an amazing record and send it to a blog site, if they like it the blog site will post it up and artist will start to build a fan base. So I definitely feel like hip-hop is in a magnificent place right now.”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Back in the days the only people who pushed artist or brought out new artist were big record labels. Now you see rappers and DJ’s creating their own labels or just bringing forth new talent under them. What are some of the struggles artist face when trying to branch out and find talent to work under them and to sustain that new talent in the industry?
DJ Nasty: “That’s definitely a tough thing for any artist. You just have to have the right team and the right personnel to help you to be able to succeed. A lot of people have tried to bring out new artist but I also think you have to have the right artist to do so. Back in the day’s people would try to sign artist and then develop them afterwards but we’re in a new day and age where you can see a hot new rapper on the blog sites starting to blow first. Like take Rick Ross for example, the way he did it was smart. He saw a rapper like Meek Mill starting to gain momentum, and become hot so he went and got him. Then he saw Wale, and it’s the same thing, you see the right artist grinding and moving and you sign them. But at the end of the day you still have to know how to work, because I’ve seen other artist try to do the same thing and it doesn’t happen that way. Ross right now probably has the strongest team we see in the game. But it doesn’t happen the same way for every artist sometimes it takes a little time for the artist to get where he needs to be. Look at Ace Hood, it took time but he here now, sometimes it just takes a little ground work!

IAMTHEINFLUENC: The World knows you as DJ Nasty but before you rose to this level, what are some of your own struggles or experiences that helped you get to where you are now?
DJ Nasty: “I would say some of the same struggles a lot of other people had to endure in this business. Nothing was handed to me, everything I got I had to work hard for. I came from a different era, I’m from the old School so I’ve seen technology change and evolve but I came from an era where I had to carry my crate of records up many flights of stairs just to DJ at parties. I came from a strong struggle but now a DJ just has to pack his lap top and they’re done. Over the years for me there was a lot of doors shut but a lot of them were open as well to help me get to where I am today and I can say if I died tomorrow I’m happy with my life and my accomplishments. Not too many people can say they got a Grammy, or had the president walk out to their record, all those things are amazing to me!”

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When you look back at your younger years, who were some of the most influential artist that inspired you?
DJ Nasty: “Of course I’d have to say artist like Prince; super talented, plays every instrument in the book, writes, produces, somebody like that is a musical genius. Quincy Jones, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Mantronix, all these people are musical geniuses and have influenced me, I mean I could go on for days, there are just so many people who were amazing at their craft.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When would you say you first fell in love with hip-hop?
DJ Nasty: “I think it was when I went to New York and I got to get a taste of hip-hop from its birthplace. Going to the Bronx, Fordham road, and the record stores back then and I was just like wow this is crazy, listening to hot97 and Chuck Chillout and Mally mall, hearing them scratch and playing Eric B. and Rakim paid and full. That’s when I really fell in love with it, but when I first heard it was the Sugar Hill era with Rappers Delite, we talking about hip-hop decades ago and it’s still here!”
IAMTHEINFLUENC: One of the newest and most creative ways to make music is to mix genres, what is your opinion on that and do you see yourself joining this new wave?

DJ Nasty: “Well I got a chance to do a R&B record on Khaled’s album, it features Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, and Neyo and it’s such a special record, so I was able to dabble with a little R&B there. I like what’s going on with this EDM movement (Electric Dance Music), the trap house stuff, I like that and I can definitely mess with that. I just appreciate music as a whole I’m not a hater of any genre, I don’t care what it is I have nothing against any kind of music. We all need music, we listen to it in any mood no matter how we’re feeling, music is therapeutic, it’s great for the soul, and music is just amazing. “

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some of your current NastyBeatMaker endeavors as well some future projects that we should stay tuned to?
DJ Nasty: “I’m personally putting out a single in the next couple of months. I’m also going to feature some of my artist off my single. I’m still going to go heavy with the production; we’re working on Khaled’s album as well. We have a dope record on his album that might possibly be the 2nd single and its crazy so definitely look for that! And of course I plan continue to push Shad Star as well as some of the other artist that I’m working with like Caskey, and Kid the traveler; just go hard with them and get there music out there.”

Aside from hit records, you can catch DJ Nasty on Orlando's premier hip-hop radio station Power 95.3, and mixing it up in some of the city's hottest night clubs as well as exclusive star studded events!
Special thanks to M.Lanzó. Moses and LVM of NastyBeatMakers productions and the whole NBM fam.

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Philadelphia Building Collapses Killing 1

 In a bizarre and puzzling outcome in Philadelphia today, an uninhabited building collapsed on to a neighboring thrift store. The decrepit structure was set to be demolished on Wednesday morning when it unexpectedly folded within trapping 13 people inside. The lucky 13 was able to be rescued by emergency first responders, but a 35 year old woman was not so lucky and died amongst the rubble and debris. Police, search and rescue teams are unsure just how many people were in the nearby thrift store. Officials have confirmed that the search will continue throughout the night.  Although many witnesses thought the first rumblings from the building was a possible terrorist attack, police have ended the speculation and concluded that the collapsed building has been labeled an industrial accident. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the on the scene and will complete a full investigation.

Written by Functuay of Iamtheinfluenc.com

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