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Ciara "Body Party"




O.D.B.M.G : C.B.A. Vol. 1

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Tyga "Molly" ft Wiz Khalifa


Fabolous ft Chris Brown "Ready"


J. Cole - Power Trip (Explicit) ft. Miguel




O.D.B.M.G Presents "Dirty Money"

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Jay Z "Open Letter" Talks about Havana trip and his new moves in sports management


Obama's Compliment: Sexist or Misconstrued

You might remember a few days ago the uprising of negativity swirling around president Obama and his reference to California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris. The president was at a private fundraiser with the Democratic National Committee when he mentioned Harris. The president offered his thoughts of her, complimented and praised Harris with the upmost respect and ended his sentiments by saying she also “happened to be the best looking attorney general there is”. Naturally the only part of his statement that was duly noted was that in which was made about her physical beauty. Less than 24 hours after the statement, a buzz quickly made its way around the nation and outraged many people. On the other end of the spectrum, many considered his compliments to be well within the lines, harmless, and did Ms. Harris justice (No pun intended). However on the opposition, were angry “women of equality groups”, and a few anti-Obama brigades. Their gripes spoke of how sexist Obama’s statements were and that he implied Harris isn’t as qualified in her abilities to do her job efficiently due to her physical beauty. Also the comments could potentially make her less likely to receive votes in a future battle for the U.S attorney general race. To put the spectacle to bed, Obama personally called Kamala Harris and offered his sincere apologies. Harris later stated that she graciously accepted and forgave the president.
After this whole debacle we should begin to wonder after a statement full of respectable praise that ended in a compliment about Harris’s looks, when is the proper time to compliment a woman of power or should we at all? Or does a remark in reference to a woman’s beauty in any work realm automatically undermine how well she can perform her duties? What would have been the reaction had Obama been asked directly about Harris’s looks and then dismissed the question or refused to answer? Would he then be bashed too and would that response or lack thereof yield a negative depiction of Harris as well? Is it a lose-lose or was Obama out of line?

Written by Functuay of Iamtheinfluenc.com


Halle Berry is Pregnant

Yes it is TRUUUU !!! Halle Berry is pregnant with her second child, her rep has confirmed with People. "I can confirm that Halle and Olivier are expecting a child," the rep tells the magazine.

Halle Berry which is 46 is engaged to Olivier Martinez, 47. Berry also has a daughter Nahla, which is 5 years old from a previous relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

Congrats to the couple on their blessing. 

Color Me Badd "I Wanna Sex You Up"


DJ CLUE ARRESTED: Driving with suspended license and Drug Possession


DJ Clue was recently arrested in New York City this morning.

He was initially pulled over for a routine traffic violation, when cops realized he was driving with a suspended license. This in turn prompted a search by the cops which turned up 3 illegal pills.

According to NBC 4 in New York Clue was then taken into custody and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and aggravated unlicensed operator.

Talib Kweli calls out Rick Ross over "U.O.E.N.O." Lyrics

So yea once again a rapper wasn't being "responsible" with their lyrics .... Whatever that means?

Recently Rick Ross was in bit of a controversy over his lyrics in a song "U.O.E.N.O.". Some critics basically saying that he was supporting "date rape" , maybe even glorifying it. Which in fact are the dumbest allegations that's been put out there. The question is WHY would anyone especially a high profile entertainer such as the ROSS pit himself in that type of situation ? The answer is they wouldn't !

Talib Kweli seems to think otherwise though. Recently while having a discussion with Marc Lamont Hill  of the HuffPost Live, he in fact called out the MMG Boss stating "I don't care if Rick Ross is 40 years old, he's a misguided 40-year-old person,"  WOW! Really tho Talib.

Here are the lyrics: "Put Molly in her champagne/She ain't even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that/She ain't even know it."

Yes I do in act agree that the lyrics clearly spell out rape, but we all know that's just what it is lyrics and doesn't mean they condone nor participate in those type of situations. Honestly how many rappers say they have murdered or will murder ......ill wait... exactly numerous of them and they probably have never even killed a ant. Although  Rozay says he was miss understood,  Kweli still says "Everything everyone's saying about that line is correct. Rick Ross condoned rape in that song, and he shouldn't, and he should apologize. His apology that he offered was unacceptable. A part of his apology that he offered dodged the issue and leads us to believe that either he's naive, or he's just stupid."

Although he's not against it, Kweli doesn't believe that scolding Ross will bring about change in the area of lyrical responsibility. The Brooklyn MC provided an alternate tactic in handling the issue. "We have to embrace them with love."

 Yea I hear ya Kweli, Ross should have been much more responsible with his lyrics, and so do all rappers. Lets give him the benefit of doubt and accept his apology in hopes that he doesn't make the same mistake again.


Nicki Minaj Ft Lil Wayne "High School"




North Korea threats continue

                Another week goes by and North Korea is at it again with missile threats. Their fearless leader Kim Jong Un has made it very clear that they have the resources to launch an attack on U.S soil. This week’s threats were a bit different; Kim Jong would insult the American military by comparing our mainland to a boiled pumpkin. He would go on to state the U.S is unable to endure an attack from any enemy foes especially North Korea. An official for the U.S defense would put Americans somewhat at ease and remain firm in the theory that these threats are no more than propaganda and a rhetoric bluff. Another official from the Security Council would also chime in on the threats and remind us that North Korea has a long history of threats in the past and these current ones are nothing but the same wolf tickets. Although U.S officials continue to disregard these threats by North Korea, Americans can only ponder is our government being na├»ve in dispelling these threats? At some point if these threats continue do we still not act and if we don’t what are our other enemies thinking? Did this same nonchalant-ness contribute to 9/11 attacks? Only time will tell!


The heat turns up on gay marriage, rights

Not too long ago president Obama changed his position on gay marriage. Since then the intensity on the issue has increased around the country from state to state. Many anti-gay groups and leaders have bowed out and conceded a lost in the fight against gay rights. It seems almost inevitable that many states will eventually fall in line and recognize not only the unity between same sex couples but give them their rights as well. Gays and Lesbians collectively know and understand that their battle is not an easy one but they won’t go quietly in the night. Each day the gay/lesbian reform makes more pushes, pushes extending far beyond just the sanctity of marriage. Denied social security benefits as well as paying more taxes for fewer benefits are just a couple of the compelling arguments at stake between gays and their opposition. To say that these equal rights will have a major impact on the U.S financially is a supreme understatement. This in itself will make the opposition hold firm in their stand against gay marriage and rights. This battle could go on for quite some time.


New developments in baby shooting in GA

                On March 21st the unthinkable crime was committed in Brunswick, Georgia. 17 year old De'Marquise Elkins and 15 year old Dominique Lang shot and killed a 13th month year old baby. Both teens were captured and are awaiting trial but since then there have been a few new developments in the case. The sister of one of the individuals has since been charged with evidence tampering. To add to an already bizarre story, a 59 year old city commissioner has been charged in connection with the crime as well. James Henry Brooks did not in any way assist in the murder of the child however a verbal exchanged he had with Elkins after the murder has subsequently landed him before a judge alongside the alleged murderers. Brooks and his lawyer are contesting the charges stating that Brooks conversation with the teen was simply to remind him of his right to remain silent. After finding about his so called reminder police believe he influenced the teen and he is now being charged with influencing a witness and obstruction of justice. With a conviction the commissioner could face a maximum of 20 years in prison for his words. Brooks posted the 5k bond and is not to contact any persons involved in the case. As for the teenagers, we can hope that justice will be served and they face maximum penalty for their gruesome crime against a defenseless baby and his mother.


The 2013 Final Four is set in Atlanta

                A field of 64 has been reduced to just four after a great weekend of NCAA basketball. First team to make it in was hall of famer Jim Boheim and his Syracuse Orangemen. The Orangemen trounced Marquette in the 2nd most lopsided victory of the entire tournament this year. This will be Boheim’s 5th trip to the final four with his lone victory coming in 2003, with a team led by some youngster by the name of Carmelo Anthony. Facing off against Syracuse will be the other #4 seed, Michigan. The wolverines would beat the Florida Gators with ease on their way to their first visit to the final four since 1993. This is a huge turnaround for a prestigious program that was clearly in rebuilding mode just a few seasons prior. On the other side of the bracket heading to Hot-lanta is this year’s Cinderella story, Witchita State. Ironically their nickname is the shockers. Shocker is exactly what they pulled off when they beat a Ohio State team who was riding a wave of momentum after a couple of last second tourney victories. The last team to make it in was the Louisville Cardinals. Rick Pitino’s Cardinals were the odds on favorites to be in the finale but after a tragic injury in the first half against Duke, there was doubts they could still put it out. Sophomore Kevin ware suffered one of the most sickening injuries witnessed after he broke his right leg attempting to contest a 3point jumper. All the air was sucked out of Texas stadium when he went down. A bench full of teammates all instantly grimaced and wept once they seen they leg had snapped. After about 9 minutes of standstill movement, the Cardinal players and coaching staff would all commit to winning the 2nd half of basketball for their fallen teammate. A 42-42 tie was quickly separated into a 12 point lead by the Cardinals. Coach K and the young Blue Devils had no answer to the Louisville attack. Guards Russ Smith and Peyton Siva were relentless while attacking the basket. Together their onslaught of drives to basket would propel Louisville to a route over Duke and a well-earned final four appearance. The final four kicks off April 6th in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

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