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        First game of the night was the Wizards taking on the Cavs in Cleveland. As we expected the game started out in somewhat sloppy play, both teams would eventually settle in, especially the cavs. Leading the way for both squads was last year’s rookie of the year Kyrie Irving. Irving would finish with a game high 29 points. He set the tone for the game and his teammates followed. The new rookie, Dion Waiters showed why he deserved to be a starter for this season, finishing with 17 points including a sick dunk that had the crowd out of their seats. The human energy booster would also chime in with 9 points and a career high 23 rebounds. The young cavs nearly tried to give this one away after giving up a huge lead late but the short-handed Wizards could not stop Irving late. John Wall and new comer power forwards did not play due to injuries and it hurt them on the court. Final score from Cleveland 94-84.

Wade, Bosh, and James would open their season in style with flashy new rings. The Champs were presented their 2012 NBA Championship white and yellow gold rings after conquering last year’s Larry Obrien trophy. Coming into the game we knew there was animosity between the two sides, KG reminded us when he snubbed Ray Allen on a handshake early on. Celtic’s were hoping the opening ceremony would pay off to their liking, but Miami was all business all night. Lebron would have a King James-ish beginning, spreading the floor, getting others involved and dominating both sides of the court. The new look Celtics looked good and fine-tuned offensively, led by Rondo. The new additions of Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Leandro Barbosa and rookie Sullinger, would all make impressive showings in their debuts as Celtics. Lee and Barbosa finished with 11 and 15 off the bench; also off the bench with a big performance was Brandon Bass who ended with 15 points and 11 rebounds. The Celtics wouldn’t get much from Garnett, but Pierce and Rondo would stagger the load with 23 and 20. Rondo was everywhere as usual, adding 13 assist and 7 rebounds. This would be Rondo’s 25th straight game with 10 or more assist. It was a great group performance by Boston offensively but it wouldn’t be enough down the stretch. Lebron would leave the game early in the 4th with cramps but Wade and Bosh would dowse any attempts the Celtics would make to get back in the game. Bosh would score the last 7 Heat points, totaling 19 for the night. Newcomer Ray Allen also tallied a quiet 19 in his Heat debut. Wade, in the absence of James would lead the way with 29. The wounded captain, Lebron stilled managed to have MVP numbers despite missing 10 minutes of the 4th quarter, he left with 26 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assist on the way to a 120-107 route.

 The late night match up out west featured a handicapped Mavericks team, missing their star German, Dirk Nowitzki.  I’m almost positive everyone in Vegas had their money on the all-star lineup of the Lakers. The world would get their first glimpse of this super team led by superman Dwight Howard, veteran Kobe Bryant, and the Canadian Steve Nash. However, Howard would have anything short of a superman performance, the effects of back and spinal surgery yielded fatigue, sloppiness, and a uncomfortable Howard. A missed 2 handed dunk in the opening minutes were the signs of the beginning of a bad night. His frustration would come from every angle; he was lost on defense, lost in a new Laker offense, flagrant 1 late, and was terrible at the free throw line all night, missing 11 from the strip. The only Laker who seemed comfortable in this new Mike Brown schemed offense was Pao Gasol. With Howard getting a lot of attention in the paint it made things real easy for Gasol to have a quiet 23 point 13 rebound performance. Also uncomfortable with Howard in the offense was Nash, unable to create as we were used to seeing him, he would end the night with only 7 points and 4 assist. Kobe would roam a bit out of the offense as expected and to try to give his team a fighting chance but it was too little too late. Bryant had a great shooting night making 11 of 14 from the floor but his 22 points were not enough. The Mavs were led by the charge of their youngster Darren Collinson. Collision looked like a veteran point guard making smart passes and hitting transition pull up jumpers, finishing with a team high 17 points. No Dirk, no problem, collectively the Mavericks would have a team effort with 6 players in double figures. Center Brandon Right, Forward Elton Brand and newcomer guard O.J Mayo would all hit timely buckets throughout the course of the game to prevent any runs by LA, on their way to an easy 99-91 victory.

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NBA opening night, what to watch for

It’s been 132 days, and a trade filled off season only made us yearn for a pre-season we usually pay no attention too. Finally without further ado, or lockout, the NBA is back. Sure, the alley’s and crossovers in the Olympics kept us a little entertained and occupied but I think everyone is ready to see some real basketball. The league kicks off the season tonight with 3 good equal matchups, including the new look LA Lakers at home against the Mavericks, also a battle of 2 young teams, Washington versus Cleveland. The most intriguing matchup of the night will be the reigning Champion Miami Heat, led by King James squaring off against a veteran gritty Boston Celtics squads.

 James and the Heat will be excepting rings tonight at home in the American Airlines arena, which I’m sure will ignite a Boston Celtics team who will have a little more animosity than usual. As we saw at the end of last season, James was different kind of beast. He would single handed put Miami on his back, come from behind and defeat the Celtics to move on in the playoffs last year. This is a new year, and tonight’s game promises to be interesting for many reasons. There is never any love lost between the two, and regardless of the records and playoff positioning, it always plays out be a battle. However, this year has more personal implications, this off season, veteran Ray Allen was courted and eventually signed by the rival Heat. The signing stirred a lot of talk around the league but has made the Miami-Boston rival just a bit fiercer. When asked about their feelings about the trade Celtics leaders Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are not scared to express their displeasure for the trade. “He is no longer my brother, and we have nothing else to talk about. In fact I have deleted his number” says Kevin Garnett. Rondo has also lashed out publicly, when he was ked has he talked to Allen, “Oh that guy? No, but that first Heat-Celtics game can’t come fast enough” . Although there were many words exchanged with Rondo in the huddle last season, Ray Allen remains a sportsman and says there are no ill feelings towards those guys, he has simply moved on. After all it was Boston who forced his hand and ultimately sealed his fate when they signed the younger Jason Terry before re-signing Allen. Nevertheless both Miami and Boston have improved from last season, Heat also signed shooter Rashad Lewis and the Celtics have a healthy Jeff Green back. Tonight, expect all fouls to be used in what could very well be a prelude to a playoff match up down the road.

 Washington Wizards start their season tonight with not only new-retro uni’s, but optimism, as their team has made vast improvements this off season. Last year the teams superstar assumed the role as leader and franchise player, this year the Wizards have giving him help with the addition of the Brazilian Beast, Nene and rookie guard Bradley Beal out of Florida. As we seen this pre-season they are still a work in progress but collectively on paper this team is a stud. Trevor Ariza, Jordan Crawford, and Martel Webster all look to blend offensively more this season. Tonight they take on a young Cleveland team led by their rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving and Mr. Intangible Andersen Varejao. This Cavalier team is no doubt the youngest squad in the NBA right now and is still learning how to gel. Tonight they will start their newest draft addition Dion Waiters out of Syracuse. Waiters has proving himself all summer long and earned himself a start according to coach Byron Scott. The hurtle for this Cleveland team will be figuring where there offense is going to come from every night and which young player will be most consistent. Expect tonight’s game to possibly be a little sloppy but definitely up-tempo and high energy.

 Tonight’s late night opener will feature two of the leagues veteran teams, Dallas Mavericks and the          Los Angeles Lakers. Although Dallas has been a team of late with many personnel changes, they are still led by their 7foot German sharp shooter, Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk is coming up on his 15th season in the league and he hasn’t dropped off a bit, still a 25 point scorer a night and at 7 feet tall still one of the best free throw shooters the NBA has ever seen. This year’s Maverick team no longer has veteran guard’s Jason Kidd and the reason they won the 2010-11 Championship, Jason Terry. In their absence, Mavericks add guard O.J Mayo and also pick up a big help down low in Elton Brand. Brand isn’t the scorer we’re used to seeing but will give another option and presence in the post. On the other side of the court we have the Los Angeles Lakers, who were the talk of the off season. After their summer acquisition of Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash, and the undisputed best Center in the league Dwight Howard, the Lakers are the odds on favorites out of the western conference. Months ago when Nash was weighing his options, Kobe made the call that snagged Nash, and after  the Dwight Howard saga finally ended with the Magic, Mitch Kupchak and the front office made the right deal to secure superman. The Lakers also received some bench improvement with the addition of veteran forward Antwan Jamison, not to mention some rookies in the draft which is something there not accustom to doing, center Robert Sacre and guard Darius Johnson-Odom. Oh and we almost forgot, they somehow how managed to keep Pao Gasol in the midst of the wheeling and dealings this off season. The only question coming into this season is the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. Will he be healthy enough for the Lakers to make good on their pre-season hype? Only time will tell. As far as tonight goes, Kobe, who would starts his 17th season, is a game time decision with a bruised and strained right foot. With or without Bryant it should be a good test for both LA and Dallas.

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Mystical on his grind


Monday Morning Coffee

Hurricane Sandy

As of Monday morning hurricane Sandy still hovers waiting to make its mid-Atlantic push inland. At 8am Eastern Time it has remarkable sustain winds at 85mph and gust at 105mph. The states of Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York are all at a standstill with the majority of the cities closed and boarded up. Governors of each state have issued state of emergencies and urged their citizens to not be foolish but be haste and leave their homes for safety. Many are ignoring evacuation orders and are stranded, where unfortunately rescuers will not be sent to risk their lives. Sandy has claimed the lives of 67 so far.
"This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes," Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy warned. An expected storm surge at midnight could raise water levels to 11 feet above normal high tide, bringing "the potential to cause unprecedented damage."
From the state North Carolina all the way to Maine, forecasters determine that Sandy will most likely collide with a cold front and transform a "superstorm" that could generate flash floods, snowstorms and massive power outages. About 50 million people, from Virginia to Massachusetts, are expected to feel the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the many affected and involved up the eastern coast.


Congress loves Drones, they could now be used for Police use

If you remember a few months ago our military had begun using unmanned drones as a tool of war, well congress loved the idea so much we could begin seeing similar ones on our streets in the U.S. Police are hoping that these high tech camera drones equipped with lethal artillery can help search for lost children, or at least that’s the angle they want us to believe. These drones also have the capability to see through clothing, and more importantly monitor a person’s whereabouts. A congressional hearing was scheduled on last Thursday to discuss the possibility of getting more than 10,000 drones in the next five years. Congress will use every form or way to say this is for Homeland Security but Americans should not be too naïve enough to realize this is spyware at its best.


What are the polls saying, this close to election time?

Many state polls are fluctuating a bit, with the big date be so near. President Obama definitely has some big gap leads on the challenger. He’s +10 in Oregon, which is a 3 percent increase, he’s also has taken a 4 percent increase with state of Ohio. Other big leads include Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. Romney has also gained a few leads of his own including one of the battleground states, Florida. Romney has grabbed 1 percent edge in the sunshine state. Some of his larger gap states include Nebraska, Arizona, Indiana, and Montana. Overall President Obama holds the margin over Mitt Romney by less than 3 percent.


Natina Reed from the group “Blaque”, dies

The beautiful and talented Natina Reed died on Friday night 2 days short of her 33rd birthday, after being struck by a car in Atlanta, Georgia. The Gwinnett County police department concluded that Reed was hit while in the road at an intersection of U.S 29. She was not in a vehicle and it is still unclear why she was in the road at the time of the accident. The driver, who is not being charged, called 911 while someone attempted to revive her at the scene. She was unfortunately later pronounced dead at Gwinnett Medical Center.
Reed’s fellow Blaque members reacted to her death Friday and tweeted their emotions. Shamari Fears-DeVoe tweeted, “My world as I know it has forever changed. Until we meet again, may you find comfort in the arms of an angel. I love you Natina.” Another member, Brandi Williams also tweeted, “Last night the world was changed forever, life will never be the same….she was my sister.” Later in a joint statement, Fears-DeVoe and Williams said Blaque had reunited and was in the process of working on a new album and a reality show.
Rest in Peace, Natina Reed, 10/28/79 - 10/26/12


Bring out the Brooms, San Fran Sweeps in World Series

The stadium was full of brooms Sunday night at Comerica Park in Detroit. The Tigers had their back against the wall down 3 games to 0, they needed a win bad. They wouldn’t get one; the Giants would handle business like they had done all series long. The Tigers did not go quietly, they would have the lead but Giants would force late inning play. After 10 innings the Giants would prevail with a 4-3 victory and win their 2nd World Series Championship in 3 years. Their parade is set for Wednesday, 2pm eastern time.





BCS Standings

After another good weekend in college football there would be a little bit of a shakeup.  A few top 10 teams would fall by the way side and others would stake claim to get a little closer to the BCS Championship. Here are the new standings.
1 Alabama 8-0
2 Kansas State 8-0
3 Notre Dame 8-0
4 Oregon 8-0
5 LSU 7-1
6 Georgia 7-1
7 Florida 7-1
8 South Carolina 7-2
9 Florida State 8-1
10 Louisville 8-0


NFL week 8 Scores

NO 14 - DEN 34-W
W-NYG 29 – DAL 24
W-OAK 26 – KC 16
CAR 22- CHI 23-W
SD 6 – CLE 7-W
SEA 24 – DET 28-W
JAX 15 – GB 24-W
W-IND 19 – TEN 13
W-NE 45 – STL 7
W-MIA 30 – NYJ 9
W-ATL 30 – PHI 17
WAS 12 – PIT 27-W
W-TB 36 – MIN 17


R.I.P. Natina Reed of "Blaque"

The beautiful and talented Natina Reed died on Friday night 2 days short of her 33rd birthday, after being struck by a car in Atlanta, Georgia. The Gwinnett County police department concluded that Reed was hit while in the road at an intersection of U.S 29. She was not in a vehicle and it is still unclear why she was in the road at the time of the accident. The driver, who is not being charged, called 911 while someone attempted to revive her at the scene. She was unfortunately later pronounced dead at Gwinnett Medical Center.

 Natina Reed was a member in the R&B group “Blaque”, where she gained the most fame. The group was a collection of 3 ladies along with Reed were, Shemari Fears-Devoe and Brandi Williams. “Blaque” was short for, believing, life, achieving, quest, everything. When they burst on to scene in the late 90’s with a new style of R&B, they were an instant hit. They would string together a collection of songs from their first album, including their biggest single titled “808.” The single soon went Gold and had the nation buzzing about “Blaque”. Following the success of their debut single, Blaque dropped an international hit maker called “Bring it all to me”. Their third single “I do” quickly followed as well. Like most artist, the group would kind of bathe in the success of their first album and take an absence from the music scene. When they finally returned in 2007, they would repeat their first act and give the world 3 more singles including “Honey”, which was a top charter internationally.

Aside from the group “Blaque”, the talented Reed would venture off into solo endeavors. While on hiatus from the group she briefly got engaged to rapper, Kurupt, and the 2 would have a son. After the birth of her son she would drift off into film works and try her talents at acting again. Her first gig while still with the group Blaque, was in the movie “Bring it on”. Natina would snag a small roll next to actress Kirsten Dunst in the popular cheerleading competition flick. A few years later the other ladies would join Reed, as the group played themselves in the movie “Honey”.

 Reed’s fellow Blaque members reacted to her death Friday and tweeted their emotions. Shamari Fears-DeVoe tweeted, “My world as I know it has forever changed. Until we meet again, may you find comfort in the arms of an angel. I love you Natina.” Another member, Brandi Williams also tweeted, “Last night the world was changed forever, life will never be the same….she was my sister.” Later in a joint statement, Fears-DeVoe and Williams said Blaque had reunited and was in the process of working on a new album and a reality show.
Rest in Peace, Natina Reed, 10/28/79 - 10/26/12

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Boxing training legend EMMANUEL STEWARD dies

The boxing world is grieving today after one of its greatest names and faces died. Legendary boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward died Wednesday at the age of 68. Victoria Kirton, Steward's executive assistant, informed The Associated Press that Steward passed away in Chicago Thursday evening. The boxing icon was a native of Detroit where he owned the famous Kronk Gym. He was also known as the Godfather of Detroit boxing. Steward was not only a world renowned trainer; he often managed many fighters as well. In all his successful years, he was responsible for producing over two dozen champions. After training so many, Steward would make a name as one of the faces of HBO, becoming their premier expert analyst. Steward managed to give ringside commentary for years under HBO and still trained greats like World Heavy Weight Champion Vladamir Klitschko.
Emmanuel was loved by many fighters not just for his boxing wisdom but for his generosity and for the father-figure role he often played in their lives. Training was beyond a job for Steward. He would take fighters to his Detroit house, where he trained and mentored them. Steward will be remembered the most by training world champion boxers Thomas Hearns, Lennox Lewis, and the current heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko.
"There are no adequate words to describe the enormous degree of sadness and loss we feel at HBO Sports with the tragic passing of Manny Steward," HBO Sports president Ken Hershman said. "For more than a decade, Manny was a respected colleague who taught us so much not only about the sweet science but also about friendship and loyalty. His energy, enthusiasm and bright smile were a constant presence. Ten bells do not seem enough to mourn his passing. His contributions to the sport and to HBO will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

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Donald Trump's RIDICULOUS $5 million offer to OBAMA

While Barack Obama has been on a fierce presidential campaign for re-election against Mitt Romney, Donald Trump has been on his kind of campaign as well. For months now the wealthy business owner has been focusing his efforts in proving that Barack Obama is a fraud and not an American citizen. It’s been months of what you can call a “low blow” campaign, where Trump takes shots at the President in the media and via social network sites. His latest antics and rant was a ridiculous video requesting the Presidents college transcripts and passport. Trump announced Wednesday he will fork over an insane $5 million dollar offer to Barack Obama’s favorite charity, if the President produces proof of his college records and a valid passport. This latest offer only speaks to how obsessed the billionaire is with destroying and dethroning President Obama.

 Although many are not surprised by what great the length’s Trump is willing to go to uncoil the legitimacy of the President, many are not pleased with his latest stunt by Trump. The comments have sparked a lot of celebrities to lash out and some on behalf of President Obama. Maroon 5 member and coach on the show “the voice” said: "Will someone tell Donald Trump we don't live in Gotham City?” Rainn Wilson star on the show “the office” said: "I will pay 5 million dollars to see copies of Donald Trump's humility." Some comedians also chimed in on Trump’s foolery. Comedian Ricky Gervais said: "I will give $500 to charity if Donald Trump gives up his hairdresser's passport and college records." President Obama who was a guest on the Jay Leno show, added his own comedic relief in reference to The Trump offer. When asked by Leno what the deal is between you and Trump, the President replied jokingly with "This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya"

D One can only wonder what foolishness Donald Trump will come up with next. One thing we can be certain on is that Barack Obama will not be throwed off course and unfocused by the tricks of Trump or anyone outside sphere of his re-election battle. So far there has been no official correspondence coming from the white house referring to Trump’s offer but sources say the President is turning down the ridiculous offer due to Trump’s intentions and bad timing. If you remember last year Donald Trump made a similar request, asking for Obama to release his birth certificate. To everyone’s surprise including Trump, President Obama did just that, silencing all the immigration critics especially his biggest one, Donald Trump.

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Jay Verze is an aspiring rapper with exceptional talent hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. At age 16, he is not the average youngster looking to be known; instead he is mature young man with a vision, repetitive work ethic, and a plan to exceed in the music industry. He has already begun he is journey with his debut music project titled "21117 (TwoElevenSeventeen). After reading an intriguing bio of Verze, we requested an interview with him which he granted. So here’s an exclusive interview with the future phenom Jay Verze. 

IAMTHEINFLUENC: At what moment did you first fall in love with hip-hop?

Jay Verze: I think it really was when I was younger and I seen Lil Romeo perform at Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert. He was a young dude rappin, I felt like I could do the same thing . . . That's also the time when I had just started a band I used to be in with a few friends, I was the rapper of the group.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When would you say you wrote your first rhyme and what was it about?
Jay Verze: I was young back then man Haha it was a summer day, I was Kickin back in the crib . . . I looked outside my window and just started writing about what the best summer day would be, I basically brung the story to life with my lyrics hahaha, It was probably whack, but it was relevant at the time.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some of the things that influenced you to want to start rapping?
Jay Verze: Just life and music general you know? Like I never really was the most popular dude in school, so people didn't really pay attention to what I had to say... Music was the only way to get my message across. Plus I always just had a love for music, when I was like 10, That's when I made the decision that that's what I wanted to make a career of.                                                                                    
 IAMTHEINFLUENC:What is the biggest obstacle or struggle you've had to endure on your journey to becoming a successful artist?
Jay Verze: I think it was being shy around people and performing in front of people. I used to really get nervous In front of people and I would be really stiff Haha. It's actually a video on YouTube with footage from my first real performance at this party, i was barely moving around haha it was just hard for me, it took a lot of shows to get me comfortable on stage.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are your favorite artist and why? And who are some artist you would love to work with?
JayVerze: Currently I'm deff listening to artist like Kendrick Lamar, wiz, A$ap Rocky All the way to people like Miguel, Justin Bieber and even Diggy... Music is music, I like good music. I'd work with each 1 of them because I honestly feel as though I could "collaborate" with them. When i say collaborate, I mean really sit and come up with a great record together, using both of our talents.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who are some of your role models growing up?
Jay Verze:  I grew up listening to the temptations, Michael Jackson, and a lot of older artist. David Ruffin deff was one of my role models, Michael Jackson too... Musical legends that I looked up to. Another role model is definitely my parents, they both taught me a lot and they made me the young man I am before your eyes. They taught me to take nothing for granted and they showed me what the meaning of hardwork really is . . .

 IAMTHEINFLUENC:What is the most memorable or life altering experience in your life, that you will never forget and helped you become the person you are today?
 Jay Verze: When I lost my Grandmother, uncle and cousin within a 2-3 year span, it really shocked me. It’s still hard to believe that they’re gone to this day . . . They were really close to me, so to see them go really just showed me that you only have one life to live, so I just took that and told myself that I needed to do something with my life. Music was all that I had left.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Where do you see your self in 10 years?
 Jay Verze:  Ahhh 10 years? Hmmm, I still see myself working hard trying to provide for the possible family I may have then haha, you never know . . . But nah 10 years, I really see myself as being established in this music industry, but still trying to find ways to make my brand more widely known than just music. I want my legacy to live forever, I want people to be able to look back at my life and say “that fool Jay Verze really did make a impact in this game” . . . I want to just be comfortable with my career in 10 years, not to the fact where I don’t have to do anything, but I want to be satisfied in knowing that I gave it my all, and the results are what I have been dreaming about since I was a kid.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What are some things that make you confident enough to say I will be successful in this endeavor as an artist?
Jay Verze: God puts certain people in your life for a reason. Just seeing as how these past 2 years have been for me, it lets me know that I’m doing something right . . . It’s a crazy story how I met some of the people who I do business with now, but I wouldn’t change any of that for anything. We all are in this business together building from the ground up . . . Like I remember performing at open mics in front of literally nobody, to opening up for Cam’Ron in New York in front of hundreds of people . . . it lets me know that I’m on the right path to success.
For more info on Jay Verze visit www.jayverze.com

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T.I. - Ball ft. Lil Wayne


@MzBlueRapStar- Supa Badd Mixxed and Mastered By @MixxMobb







What is multi talented? Mz. Blue by way of Houston, Texas, is every since of the word. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this lady definitely on her way to becoming a big star. With the world at her feet and an impressive bio anyone would marvel at, MzBlue sets the bar for others who excel in several arts. Musician and model are only a few of the entertainment trades this lady has in her possession. Iamtheinfluenc.com was lucky enough to get the exclusive with the brilliant Mz Blue and just let the world know who she is

IAMTHEINFLUENC: So, tell us, who is Mz Blue?

Mz Blue:  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and grew up singing in the church choir at St. Johns United Methodist. I am the older of two siblings and have always been an entertainer. I use to put on shows for family guest and started auditioning at a very young age for singing roles and TV commercials.  I have been a fan of the camera for years and performing is something I have always loved to do. I started writing poems and songs when I was 11 and I went to a few open mic nights with a church member who also wrote poems. I know that everyone says that they have been through a lot. I can say that though and still smile because I am amazed by how many times God has intervened in my life and saved me through my most darkest moments. I’m a very hard worker and extremely talented, and I really thank God for the woman that I have become.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: When did you 1st fall in love with Hip Hop?

Mz blue: I was sitting in my room one-day angry about something that upset me and went to put in “Gangstas Paradise” instrumental by rapper Coolio. I remember my brother and I had written verses to it and I recorded it using my Karaoke at the time. My dad listened to it and loved what we had done to the song. Once I was done I noticed I wasn’t angry anymore and I seemed to not be bothered after recording the song. That is the day I fell in love with hip-hop because I felt if something could make my pain and anger go away like that, then that is what I needed to get that emotion out. I wanted to embrace that feeling and I had to have been 15 years old when this happened.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What has been one of your biggest challenges as a female artist, or even as an artist in general in this game?

Mz Blue: I think for me the biggest challenge of being a female artist is trying to get past people just wanting to sleep with me and looking past my talents. I think I could have made it a long time ago and I’m just being real but I wouldn’t put out. It’s very discouraging when you are talented like me and being blocked because you are trying to be respected as a woman. In this game being an artist period is a challenge. You have so many people doing this now that the competition is that much more competitive.  I think you really have to put yourself out there on social sites and do a lot of networking, and as a female you have to be sexy but make these guys respect your mind at the same time. If a man doesn’t take you serious then it’s just not going to work in this business.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: As a writer what is one of your motivations used when creating a song?

Mz Blue: Whatever I am going through at the time emotionally is what I use as a motivation when I    am creating a song. If it’s un-relatable to my emotions then it’s fake to me and I can’t make someone relate to something un-real.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Do you write other things such high as poetry....etc?

Mz Blue: Yes, besides songs and poems I also write books, scripts for plays, I write my own video scenes and I like to blog.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: So, modeling you are a gorgeous woman, what inspired you to make a move to this area?

 Mz Blue: Thanks for the compliment; I started modeling seriously in 2008 because I saw more and more dark skinned thick women being casted for lead video vixens.  It inspired me to put together a model portfolio and start promoting myself on-line. I wanted to be a part of the movement and I started gaining attention when I linked up with a friend with his own photography studio. We started doing the car shows in my city and that gave me a lot of exposure. I have featured in several magazines and got contacted by numerous photographers for print work so hopefully here soon you will see me doing some big things with the modeling.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What have been your acting ventures?

Mz Blue: I took up theatre arts in middle school all through high school. My senior year I got accepted into AMDA School of performing arts in New York. That situation didn’t work out for me due to the world incident that took place on September 11. It was very unfortunate but other doors opened. I have appeared in a few stage plays at North Harris College when I attended school there. I met a director by the name of Kurvie Kapone in 2009 and auditioned for a movie she had written. I ended up getting a lead role in it after some of the directors saw me act and were impressed. I haven’t been to an audition in a few months but acting comes natural for me so when the right role comes that I’m interested in I will audition for it.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What do you think will propel your career to the next level, acting, modeling or as an rapper?

Mz Blue: I think me continuing to network and constantly putting in work is what will take me to the next level. I have actually been talking to some important people and listening to their guidance. I have a big project I just finished working on and I am hoping this is what takes me to the level I want to be on in my career.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Humanitarian, what does that word mean to you?

Mz Blue: To me a humanitarian is someone who cares about helping other people and being somewhat of a voice in the community.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: As a Humanitarian what has been some of your efforts in this movement?

Mz Blue: I have taken great honor into helping feed the homeless and be a part of fund raising events with other artists to help raise money for food and supplies for the homeless. I also performed at a minority fundraiser school drive for children in the Spanish community. I was given much support by Governor Rick Perry’s office and was televised on Public Access. I think that is a beautiful thing in life when you can give freely from the heart and not want or expect anything back from it.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: Who has influenced you most in your career?

Mz Blue: My biggest influence has been my mom because she has always supported me and told me that I was going to make it. She believes in me and that is what you need some time to no someone has faith in you.

IAMTHEINFLUENC: What else would you like to tell the world and let them know about Mz Blue?

Mz Blue:  I think the rest is a mystery. Thanks for supporting and giving me the opportunity for this interview. I greatly appreciate you. Listen to my music at soundcloud.com/mizz-blue. You can also follow me on twitter @Mzbluerapdiva

MZ BLUE doing her modeling thing along with her single " What they Say"


Monday Morning Coffee

Man kills 4 and himself in Salon

Tragedy struck in the worse of ways in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend. 45 year old Radcliffe Haughton opened fire maliciously killing 3 people in a Salon, in the end killing himself as well. Haughton in angry rage shot a total of 7 people, 4 were transported to a local hospital. While the reasons for the murders are still unknown, police are still investigating and gathering evidence. This area is unfortunately very fond of similar tragedy. In 2005 a 44 year old gunmen opened 22 rounds of fire inside a church of all places. Folks in Milwaukee haven’t forgotten that episode and I’m sure this one won’t leave their memories as well.

The NFL books Beyonce

With only 6 weeks into the NFL season and the league is already locking down super bowl performers. First on their list was the creme of the crop diva Beyonce. What bigger and better star to have perform at the nation’s premier sports finale. This year’s Super Bowl will be in New Orleans on February 3rd 2013 and with music’s leading lady headlining the halftime show, it promises to be one for the ages. Beyonce has had a very busy offseason away from music, playing mommy is her newest project. Her return to the stage at super bowl 47 will be nothing short of epic.

Lance Armstrong struggles continue

When it rains it pours, is the story of Lance Armstrong’s life as of late. Earlier this year the 7 time tour de france winner was stripped of all titles and dropped as an endorser of many companies. The dropping continues, the one name that stood by Lance was Nike, and they stand no more. Nike has terminated all partnerships and contracts with Armstrong. Nike release the following statement as a company: "Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him," the company said in a statement. "Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in any manner. Nike plans to continue support of the Livestrong initiatives created to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer." On the same day of this announcement Lance Armstrong relieved himself as chairman of his cancer foundation “Livestrong”. This same week Anheseur-Busch and Trek (bikes) also dropped Armstrong. A man that has done so much for one cause, for millions of people, but can’t catch one break.

Obama, Romney gearing up for round 3

After duking it out in 2 national debates, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney square off in a final debate on Monday night. I think just about everyone would agree that both sides have a tally of 1 each. Romney came out the aggressor in the first debate, with emphasis he was stern on the issues that were passionate to him. Obama did just the same in the 2nd most recent debate, getting riled up and even upset at some moments of the last debate. Obama fought Romney on a few issues and would not back down or show any weakness. This week’s debate promises to be another slug out between the two, and don’t be surprised if the gloves come off in this third round. Among the topics will be Lybia and Iran.

This week’s BCS Standings

1 Alabama .9625
2 Florida .9310
3 Kansas State .9111
4 Oregon .8966
5 Notre Dame .8512
6 LSU .7862
7 Oregon State .7421
8 Oklahoma .7126
9 USC .5767
10 Georgia .5379

NFL Recap

W-Titans 35- Bills 34
Ravens 14-Texans 43-W
Browns 13-Colts 17-W
W-Cowboys 19-Panthers 14
W-Packers 30-Rams 20
Cardinals 14-Vikings 21-W
W-Saints 35-Buccaneers 28
Jaguars 23-Raiders 26-W
Jets 26-Patriots 29-W

Written by Functuay of iamtheinfluenc.com


Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire


Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah


Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj


OBAMA came out swinging and WON Presidential Debate



Monday Morning Coffee
Whoa Nelly
                Rapper Nelly has made his way back on the scene, not the way we were expecting though. Apparently someone thought they needed a little extra protection on his tour bus on one recent afternoon in Texas. Police stopped the rappers bus to do a vehicle search and found more than license and registration. Near a Texas checkpoint, and after a thorough search, police said they found a duffel bag with 10 pounds of marijuana, heroin and a loaded gun on the bus. Five people from the bus were detained and arrested including Nelly. After detaining the men, police said one of the five not named Nelly, took responsibility for the bag. Nelly and the rest of the posse were released and as of right now no other charges will be filed.

“Gunplay” living up to his name
   MMG rapper Gunplay has been involved in exactly what his name says, gun play, but this no playing matter.  With an active warrant issued for him in May, he finally turned himself in voluntarily to prison. The charge handed down by police is armed robbery with a firearm. Authorities had been looking and actively pursuing him for quite some time now. The rapper made the mistake of personally putting the police hot on his trail when he got into a battle at the recent BET Hip Hop awards with rapper 50 cent and his entourage. Along with the stiff charges of armed robbery the 33 year old could also be looking at many variations of assault charges. There has been no formal discussion of how much time he’s facing from his lawyer but if convicted to the full extent he could potentially spend at least 20 years or more behind bars.

“Fearless Felix”: historic free fall
                After 2 attempts, Australian sky diver Felix Baumgartner accomplishes a feat that no man will probably ever try let alone complete. This daredevil jumped from the edge of space at an amazing 128, 000 feet above the earth. The record breaker also broke the speed of sound and reportedly hit mach 1.24. The nickname Fearless Felix is absolutely fitting indeed. Felix, the former pilot and soldier would eventually make his historic landing in southeastern New Mexico. It was touch and go for brief moments as Felix occasionally spinned erratically. However the 43 year old said “the whole world is watching” and he knew there was no time for let downs. It was a record setting jump and first man to break the sound barrier, with a shattering speed of 883 mph.

UF Student’s body found
                After weeks of uncertainty the parents of a University of Florida student can finally have closure. 18 year old Christian Aguilar was last seen on September 20th, but police are confident that the body found this Saturday is that of the Florida student. Before the actual confirmation of the body, another student was charged with first degree murder of the missing student. 18 year old Pedro Bravo told police that he and Christian got into an altercation the night he went missing. Bravo gave conflicting stories initially saying he left Christian in a parking lot but investigations suggested otherwise. Aguilar’s father was aware of a prior dispute and believes the altercation was over a girl. Carlos Aguilar and his wife had feared the worse for their son but after nearly a month they were ready to begin the grieving process, stating “our prayers have been heard”.

BCS Rankings have arrived
                The first sightings of this year’s college football bowl championship series standings are in, and you may be surprised. The one slot where there is no surprise and no dispute is the #1 king of the land Alabama. The crimson tide have dominated this year and has not faltered a bit. A few players moved on to the big leagues but Saban and the tide have created another impressive backfield and a still sound NFL like defense. #2 is the mighty Florida Gators, who started the season way at the back of the pack at #23. Since then the Gators led by sophomore Jeff Driskell have matured and knocked off some SEC foes including a highly ranked LSU team. Next week will be the test as they face the top 10 ranked Gamecocks. Holding the #3 ranking right now is the Oregon Ducks. The fancy uniform wearing and fancy playing ducks haven’t really fought off too many test but have been very consistent which is why they covet the #3 spot. They do have some interesting games coming up including a showdown with USC. The #4 ranking belongs surprisingly to Kansas State. The Wildcats so far are this year’s Cinderella sleeper after creeping up week after week. Their biggest win this season was the 56-16 bashing over 9th ranked Oklahoma. At the #5 spot is the fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The Irish have looked nothing short of dominating this season, with a top 5 defense and a few weapons on the ball side they could potentially win out. Some feel they were snubbed with the first week ranking, but with just maybe 2 tough games left Notre Dame is certainly in control of their own National Championship destiny. In the #6 position are the LSU Tigers. Les Miles and Bayou nation are fortunate to still be in the top 10 after losing to Florida in prior weeks. However, they recover big time with a huge win under the lights against the Gamecocks who were ranked 3rd at the time. Tigers are another team who still have an outside chance at the National Championship despite the current rankings. Rounding out the top 10 are, #7 South Carolina, #8 Oregon State, #9 Oklahoma, and #10 Southern California.

NFL Recap
                Another exciting and action pack week in the NFL this week. A few teams were still undefeated coming into this Sunday, would they stay that way is the question. That answer was a yes for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Atlanta was at home taking on the Raiders. The two teams would duel it out to the end but kicker Matt Bryan would put the nail in the coffin with a 55 yard field goal for 23-20 victory. Just like the Falcons, the Lions would also take it the wire against Vick and the Eagles. Michael Vick would play a decent game but Stafford and Megatron would do enough to take it to overtime and setup their kicker Hanson for the win. Tony Romo was hoping to bounce back against Ray Lewis and the Ravens in Baltimore. They would pound the run all day but at the end make some costly mistakes and a missed field goal leading to a Ravens 31-29 win. RG3 was at home this Sunday looking to give his sold out fans his first home win, he would not disappoint. After taking a stunning hit last week, Griffin came back this week with pose. He would only gather 182 through the air but got 132 on the ground including a 76 yard sprint late. The redskins improve to 3-3 in a wide open conference. Also in that same conference were the world champion Giants, led by Mr. Clutch Eli Manning. Manning and the Giants came to handle business and it showed. Eli connected with all his weapons early, Cruz and Hixson both had big gains. Cruz would do the Salsa, as the Giants would dance all over the 49ers 26-3. Patriots were in Seattle taking on the surprisingly 3-2 Seahawks Sunday night and apparently they were looking pass them to next week. Brady started on the attack hitting his favorite target Wes Welker on a long touchdown. They seemed in charge early but Rob Wilson and the hawks would not stop lurking. Wilson would look like a veteran such as Brady and connect with Braylon Edwards in some late game winning heroics. The final score had the Seahawks 24-23, giving them a 4-2 record and dropping the pats to 3-3. The game of the night was no doubt the undefeated Texans hosting Aaron Rodgers and the pack. Right from the beginning Rodgers was able to do exactly what he does and that’s spread the field. He would connect with Jordy Nelson for 2 lengthy touchdowns in the first half. At the half it was 21-10 and Rodgers was just getting started. He would completely expose the Texans defense and sling it all over the field hitting for 3 more touchdowns including another to Jordy Nelson. Rodgers would finish with 6 passing touchdowns, and a new Packers franchise record, as the pack wins easily 42-24 giving the Texans their first loss of the season.

Written by Functuay of www.iamtheinfluenc.com 

Ace Hood ft Trey Songz I Need Your Love


Usher - Numb


Flo Rida - I Cry


Complete Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan


Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples ft. Wale, Drake


Tyga - Do My Dance ft. 2 Chainz






Chris Lighty Tribute






T.I. and his crew kill the cypher




HIP HOP AWARDS "West Coast Cypher"


Rick Ross feat. T.I. - Bury Me A G (Official Video)




RICK ROSS "The Black Bar Mitzvah"


NFL Re-Cap

The biggest story in football this week, is undoubtedly Drew Brees and his record breaking touchdown pass. Brees on Monday night passed Johnny Unitas with 48 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. The Saints have been having a rocky season thus far but would look impressive against the Chargers. Phillip Rivers and Reciver Meechum would connect a few pretty passes for td's. Brees would show him up and connect on a few of his own with Marcus Colston and Devery Henderson. After grabbing the record the Saints would take the win 31-24

There was a Battle of the Elite quarterbacks Sunday night in New England. Peyton Manning and the Broncos vs Brady and the pats. Brady and pats right-a-way established the run game. He mixed in the pass as well and found his favorite target Wes Welker. Heading into the 4th the pats lead by 17. Manning and the broncos would mount a comeback but wouldn't capitalize on field position thanks to a costly drop pass and fumble by Willis McGahee. The Patriots would take 31-21.

Matt Ryan and the falcons would remain undefeated after beating Griffin and the skins. Griffin would go out with a mild concussion.

Rothelisberger and the Steelers would hold off Vick the Eagles 16-14.

Andrew Luck and Indy would capture an emotional win over Rodgers and the Pack 30-27.


Missing Colorado girl update

                   Colorado police finally have a break in their missing girl case. After many man hours of searching police found a back pack in a subdivision. The back pack was found more than 6 miles away from her home.  They would not disclose what items were inside the pack but they would say it definitely belonged to Jessica Ridgeway. Jessica has been missing since last Friday. “We’re trying to determine when the bag was left there and why” said Trevor Materasso the police investigator.  Since missing, police have used all there resources including bloodhound dogs to uncover any clues or anything leading to the whereabouts of Jessica.

Surgeons grow new ear on cancer patients arm
                     John Hopkins surgeons have found a way to grow an ear on a cancer patients arm. The ear was grown on her forearm from cartilage from her rib cage. This procedure has been described as one of the most intricate and advanced reconstructions ever. The patient Sherrie Walter said “it seemed a little strange but I was willing to try”. This type of procedure is usually done with skin from the back of the neck, but unfortunately Sherrie has skin cancer, so Doctors tried a new technique, which was successful.

IPhone 5 workers go on strike
                  The iPhone 5 has been a big hit with its new users but apparently not with its manufacturers. Thousands of iPhone 5 factory production line workers went on strike briefly Friday. There is some speculation as to what the dispute is but sources say it is over workplace improvements and manufacturing practices. The disputes only lasted a little over a year but got intense and even turned violent sending a few to hospitals. The Foxconn officials denied reports of actual work stoppage but did acknowledge there was aware of disputes lingering from last week. Foxconn employs roughly 190,000 people.

Infants remain found in Long Island home
  Law enforcement and authorities banned together and discovered the remains of an infant in the backyard of a Long Island home. The police was initially sent out after child protective officials were inquiring about the welfare of a 6 year old. The mother said the death of the infant had not yet been reported. The boy would be three years old at this point. An ongoing investigation is pending but it is unsure whether or not charges will be filed by the police. The medical examiner’s office is still reviewing the cause of death.

Naked student killed by campus officer
                  University of South Alabama campus officer shot and killed a freshman student early Saturday morning. 18 year old Gilbert Collar was reportedly naked and acting erratic outside of the campus police station. The officer said he was called to investigate noise when he was confronted by a muscular naked man who was acting erratically. He verbally assaulted and rushed the officer before he eventually shot and fatally wounded the 18 year old. The mother of the teen and a friend could not understand how a mature and well nature student could have died in such strange circumstances. Gilbert Collar was a 6 year varsity wrestler.

College Football recap: Upset Saturday!
                 This was an exciting week in college football, filled with a lot of surprises and upsets. For the first time in a year’s, 3 top 5 teams lost in the same week. I don’t think anybody could’ve predicted the rankings to flop around as much as they will this week. #3 Florida State was on the road against the NC State Wolf pack. The Noles and E.J Manuel came out the gate quick and effective. They would jump out to a quick to a 16 zip lead. The wolfpack would fight back and cut the lead to 16-10 before their go ahead touchdown with 35 seconds left.
                  The #11 Florida Gators were at home taking on the #4 LSU. This was a defensive struggle from the very beginning. Tigers would only muster up 2 field goals and couldn’t really get too much offense going along with some costly penalties that stopped promising drives. The Gators would engineer a couple good scoring drives headed by qb Driskell but finished off the by the running back Mike Gillislee. Gillislee would run in two 12 yard touchdown runs as the Gators win 14-6.
                 The final upset of the day wasn’t really an upset unfortunately.  #5 Georgia was in town taking on South Carolina. South Carolina led by the ole ball coach Steve Spurrier was no doubt ready for Georgia. The bulldogs would get on the scoreboard with 7 but that was all she wrote, the gamecocks did just about whatever they wanted to do on both sides of the ball. the final was 35-7 and the gamecocks will no doubt be closer to the top 5 after this week.

Written by: Functuay of www.iamtheinfluenc.com 


Trey Songz - Dive In


Sean Paul ft Kelly Rowland "How Deep is Your Love"




PBS strikes back at MITT ROMNEY


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