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Terrence J and Rocsi departure

You seen the article earlier on Terrence J and Rocsi departure from 106 and park. Here is the emotional announcement here!!!!!!        

Terrance and Rocsi leavinng 106 and Park

Rumors have been swirling for quite sometime now about 106&Park and their current host. Well its a secret no no more, Terrance J, and Rocsi have officially called quits on BET's primetime show. The duo have been together as co-host for seven years. Seven successful years for the network, where they have seen great steady ratings since the two arrived. BET announced both Rocsi and Terrance will continue to be on a for while so they can be properly celebrated.

With a host of opportunities knocking at his, Terrance J tackled his first big acting role in the hit movie "Think like a man". A movie that exceeded expectations at the box office. Critics praised Terrance for his exceptional acting in his co-star role along Regina Hall. What's next for Terrance nobody knows, but the list is surely not a thin one. 

Rocsi Diaz has not stepped out from under the BET light just yet. Diaz has excelled in popularity, really becoming a house hold name across urban America. The 29yr old diva host, also has a nationally syndicated radio show, that reaps great notoriety from fans everywhere. Rocsi, like Terrance hasn't revealed any plans for the future but it is in did a bright one for Lady 106.

After the announcement BET is forced with finding suitable replacements. Bringing in an equally impressive couple will be tough but has been done before. When the former host A.J and Free left BET was question whether they could replace them or will the show plummet. Rocsi and Terrance were brought in and proved just as charismatic and won over viewers. 

Can BET do it again? Or will ratings and the prestige of BET start to dropg

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Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown


Tori Kelly Stained(G-ChildRemix) by agdagchild

Check this dope mix out the kid A.G. Killing things with Tori Kelly..... We told tall the dude dope CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!

Tori Kelly Stained(G-ChildRemix) by agdagchild
Here she is again the sexy Nicki Minaj with one of her newest videos "starships" She shows how she crosses into the new Hip Pop culture and she does it well...... So here it is check it ouuuutt


Q Parker "Show You How"

How many of you remember the RnB group 112. They had hit singles like "anywhere" ft Lil Zane.. Ok did the ring a bell. Here is Q Parker one fourth of the group with his single "Show You How". Check it out!!!!


AG DA GCHILD "Floyd mayweather"

If you was feeling the Mayweather fight.....check this out da kid agdagchild one of the dopest producers in the game right now. The song was on his debut mixtape, "One Way to Go". Follow him on twitter @agdagchild for more info and constant dope music.


New Orleans Saints: One bad nightmare of woes, as a long season waits‏

If you type Saint on Wikipedia, and the definition you’ll get will be that of “holy” or “exceptional holiness”. Well you certainly won’t find a citing for the NFL’S New Orleans Saints. They’ve been getting the reputation of being anything but holy these days. The unholy ones have been in controversy and turmoil for months, with a one of the biggest scandals sports has ever seen. However minimal the evidence, is the Saints have been investigated and found to have implemented a bounty system. This bounty system is a series of payments and incentives for players to hurt and injure players throughout the NFL. After the exposure of this system there has been a number of blows, suspensions, and disappointments for the saints organization. Here is a brief timeline of the events that has unfolded since the initial discovery:

March 2nd: The NFL announced an investigation proves that the Saints coaches and over 20 players were involved in a cash bounty system, where players on opposing teams were targeted from 2009-2011.

March 6th: Both Sean Payton and GM MICKEY Loomis issue a statement acknowledging the system, and take responsibility for the actions of the players who took part in the system.

March 9th: Quarterback, Drew Brees denies having any part or knowledge of the Saints bounty system.

March 21st: The NFL begins to hand down penalties. First with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, suspending Williams indefinitely from football. Next the league suspends Head Coach, Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season, GM Mickey Loomis for a total of 8 games, and assistant Joe VItt for 6 games. Also the Saints get with a $500k fine, and are forced to forfeit second round picks in the 2012 and 2013 draft.

March 30th: After the stiff penalties Payton,Vitt, and Loomis all appeal suspensions.

April 5th: A filmmaker releases audio of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, specifically instructing players to go out with the intention’s to injure opposing players.

April 9th: Commissioner Roger Goodell makes the decision to turn down the appeals of Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, and Joe Vitt.

May 2nd: The NFL hands down more suspensions to the Saints organization. It suspends linebacker and captain, Jonathan Vilma, for the entire 2012 season. Also former player Anthony Hargrove gets 8 games along with 3 games for Scott Fujita. The NFL sends email to all 32 teams reminding them that any type of incentive system or non-contract bonuses is a violation of league policy and will not be tolerated.

After some unprecedented type of suspensions the Saints organization feels they are being railroaded and bombarded with unfair treatment. Many players have called, and written about the penalties’ and are asking the NFLPA how is some of this possible to uphold. At the top of the list of gripes, is the fact that Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL won’t make the evidence of the system public. In response to the stiffness in penalties in an interview Goodelll said, “it went on for 3 years with denials from this staff, the most important factor is the health and safety of all players”. In response to the Coach Payton, Goodell said “it’s his responsibility as coach and supervisor of his players and staff to know what’s going on within his team”.

With head office, coaches, and player suspensions there is no question the New Orleans saints have their work cut out for them. IAMTHEINFLUENCE asked you, at this point how good can the saints really be this year? How many games will they win and is a playoff shot out of the question?


Money Mayweather defeats Cotto, but whats next for Boxing?

Twelve entertaining rounds later and Floyd Mayweather Jr., puts another one in the books, this time against Miguel Cotto. Saturday night in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, neither fighter disappointed. From the sound of the first bell, Mayweather begin to do what he does best early on, and that’s study his opponent. Cotto took a different approach choosing to be aggressor from the get go. Just to let Mayweather know he was ready to get physical, Cotto picked up Mayweather near the ropes in the 1st , and let his presence be felt. 4 rounds in, and Cotto continued to be aggressive but Mayweather was a technical specialist as usually, picking his spots and landing when available. After being down 3 or 4 rounds on the cards, Cotto started to increase the aggression and actually tagged Floyd a bit, busting up his nose. The bleeding of Floyd’s nose was certainly something new we hadn’t seen in a while if ever from the champ. Cotto would win the next 2 rounds after punishing Floyd briefly in 6th, but Money May begin to close out in the next few rounds. Mayweather would rally and show why he is the best ring technician there is in the business. He took back control of the fight, and landed whatever he wanted in rounds 8 thru 12. As the last round came to a close he bounced Cotto around with a few power shots nearly knocking him down. Heading to the score cards the judges all seem to be on the same page for the winner and new WBC Junior Middleweight champion Pretty-Boy Floyd.

As soon as the bout was over, Cotto escaped the ring and any questions, claiming he had to use the bathroom, but never returned. Floyd on the other hand, never shy, charismatically answered questions like he can and did a couple interviews, one notably with Larry Merchant. If you remember in Floyd’s last controversial fight against Ortiz, he and Merchant had a few choice words for each other, an altercation that was anything short of comical. Since then Maywether has apologized and the 2 were able to co-exist in his post-fight interview against Cotto. Merchant asked Mayweather a series of questions; first about how tough of a fight was this against Cotto. “He’s one of the toughest fighters I ever fought, and a future hall of famer” said the junior middle weight champ. The question that was on the mind of all America was “is the Pacquiao fight going to happen?” Mayweather responded with “I wanted to fight Pacquiao tonight, and I wanted to give the fans what they want to see, but Bob Arum is in the way.” With Floyd set to serve a 90 day jail sentence beginning on June 1st, and Bob Arum supposedly holding up his fight with Pacquiao, what’s next for Boxing?

In the last few years there has been some talk of Boxing on its last leg so to speak. It started with the emergence of the UFC and its no holds bar style of fighting, but is it inevitable that Boxing is on its way out the door? Sure there will always be boxing, but will it be a powerhouse sport and will it have the superstar fighters the world is accustom to? With Boxing’s elite in a small circle, it seems there are more issues that support the end of Boxing theory. Big names like Floyd, Manny, and Miguel are undoubtedly getting older and have fought the best or have tried anyway. There’s no question that this super fight between Manny and Floyd could rejuvenate the sport but for how long? There maybe a reason to this extended pro-longing of the Mayweather and Pacquiao saga, perhaps it’s to build the sport and the talent before the mega fight takes the sport off into the sunset. Either way something must be done and fast because fans are not only getting restless but focusing their attention to this mayhem called UFC.

IAMTHEINFLUENCE lets you weigh in now. What’s your take on Boxing and the direction its headed if any?









              Highly anticipated would certainly be an understatement, when describing this summer’s blockbusters. I foresee a few movie goer anxiety attacks, as they anxiously wait. There are many big films soon to hit the big screen with some big hype shoes to fill. Summer is vastly approaching and there are few said to be chart toppers and possibly record breakers. For now let’s find out what they are.
              Kicking it off and sort of headlining the summer is, “The Avengers”. The classic marvel comic gang will premiere in action on May 4th. It features Robert Downy Jr. as the arrogant superhero Iron Man, alongside Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow. Supporting group includes actor, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor. In this comic based film, the heroes are forced to band together as a team. Led by Downey’s character, Iron Man, the team has to fight and defeat there biggest foe ever.
           With a tough act to follow, the next headliner a week later will be “Dark Shadows”. The film stars one of the best to ever read a script, Johnny Depp. Depp portrays a man cursed to a vampire in the year 1752. Centuries later Barnabas (Depp), surfaces from his tomb in 1972, where he finds his help is needed. As a director, Tim Burton definitely adds his usual unique touch, together with Depps uncanny ability to purge the essence from the script, makes for an interesting night at the cinema. It hits theatres May 11th.
             The summer’s first A-list chick flick is “What to expect when expecting”. Actresses Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz are featured in this parenthood story. The film is based off a best-selling book written by Heidi Murkoff. The movie tracks the relationships of four couples. Intertwined throughout the film, are the couple’s up and down rollercoaster journey on the way to parenthood. This stellar anticipated flick joins theatres May 18th.

             Bringing the month of May to an end is the sci-fi trilogy “Men in Black III”. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back at it again together up against aliens, this time under different circumstances. Just like in movies 1 and 2 the world is threatened by aliens but this time Agent Jay (Will Smith) must go back in time in order to save mankind. Critics are interested to see what type of first weekend showing the black suits will have this time around. The 1st ever Men in Black weekend did a total of $51 mil, and both movies since then has grossed over $1 bil worldwide. There is certainly some large numbers to follow for the boys in black.
              Undoubtedly the most anticipated of them all is universal pictures, “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Directed by Rupert Sanders, It stars Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and Chris Hemsworth as the Hunstman. Snow White the princess and the evil queen take there classic quarrel to the next level in this dramatic thriller. It’s the classic storyline with a little bit of a twist. The must see classic opens in theatres on June 1st.

Here is a list of notable movies for the summer of 2012.

•For Greater Glory- June 1st

•Piranha 3d- June 1st

•Madagascar 3: Europes most wanted- June8th

•Rock of Ages- June 15th

•Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- June 22nd

•Beast of Southern- June 27th

•G.I. Joe- Retaliation” June 28th

•The Amazing spider Man- July 3rd

•Savages- July 6th

•Ice Age: Continental Drift

•The Dark Knight Rises- July 20th

•Neighborhood Watch- July 27th

•The Bourne Legacy- August 3rd

•Total Recall- August 3rd

•Hot Springs- August 10th

•Sparkle- August 17th

•The Expendable’s- August 17th


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