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This years Grammy was certainly one to remember. We had some unforgettable performances as well as an emotional tribute to a legend. There were some big winners, notably one, which was no shocker to the music world. Also a few surprise performances by some legendary artist. Overall a very memorable night!

A day after the world is buzzing over the death of pop great Whitney Houston, many artist did there best to pay homage to her life and music career. Leading the way with one the best performances of the night, was Jennifer Hudson. Hudson did renditions of Whitney's classic chart topping hits. The audience as well as viewers from the around the world were fighting tears. Some of musics elite said Hudsons performance was one of the best they'd ever seen, along with her soulful voice. 

The nights biggest winner was Adele, who took on 6 grammy's tying Beyonce mark. Other notable winners include Chris Brown with R&B album of the year. Best R&B song "Fool for You" by Cee Lo Green. Kanye West snatched up 3 awards, including best Rap album.

Along with winning awards, Adele also turned in a phenomenal performance.

Other notable performances include: Chris Brown, the always controversial Nicki Minaj, the young and talented Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and a Maroon 5 Collabo' with the legendary band each Boys.

For more from the 2012 Grammy award recap go here: http://www.grammy.com/

GREED OR NEED??? Sports Payroll

Thirty years ago, when you asked the average sports fan how much his or her favorite athletes contract was, they'd probably draw a blank. In fact the only thing you would associate your favorite player with in those days were the jersey they wore on there backs. Well "times have changed" would most certainly be an understatement. Each decade as the popularity of each sport climbs, so does the opportunity for profits. The top revenue gainers are the networks, owners, and of course at the top are the superstar athletes. So as the profits rise, do the expectations of the fans go up as well? Are we as fans still as in love with the game or is winning taking the ultimate back seat to the almighty dollar?

In the late 70's early 80's ball players from the Americas top three sports were all making on average of over 10 times less than today's spoiled wealthy athletes. In 1979 the NBA's average salary was a mere $65,000. Today's NBA league minimum is just over $450, 000. Although his "airness" Micheal Jordan, received the largest 1 year deal of a whopping $33mil, today's top NBA superstars gross $15 to $20 million a year, making hundreds of millions before there careers end.

One of Hip-Hop's most famous sports references: "I got Baseball money"
Over in the Major Leagues, where the infamous no salary cap applies, we've seen an astounding amount of money being tossed around in recent years. Although In 1979, arguably the MLB's most impressive pitcher, Nolan Ryan, signed the biggest deal at the time, which was a 4 year $4mil deal. By today's standard that's "chump change". MLB mega star, Alex Rodriguez has the largest sports contract as well as baseball highest, with a 10 year $275 million spread. Following him this year in the 200's are sluggers Albert Pujolz and "living like a Prince", Prince Fielder.

So as we pick up our jaws from the outrageous dollar amounts, you have to ask where do the fans place in all this money hoopla? Aren't we a pivotal part in sports? How has the money gotten so out of hand? Who's lobbying for these ridiculous amounts of money?

In the last decade the ratings for all 3 top sports, have spiked, especially the NFL, Americas #1 watched sport. Ratings aren't the only thing that has plateaued, so has the interest and the respect of the fans

IAMTHEINFLUENCE asked some fans what they think on this issue, here's what they said:

"I don't think their necessarily killing sports because of the fact that all sports have a high level of competitiveness. As for the fans prospective, Yes we expect more from athletics seeing that it seems like an easy "job" to do something you love and get paid crazy amount of cash for, but do we really know how easy it is? On the road away from your family, the punishment on there body's etc"

"I do think that high price athletes are killing sports with their bigger than the sport attitudes. We as fans love to go watch and enjoy all the athleticism they display, but at the end of the day its just a game."

"The owners who want to win at any expense (which rarely happens) will keep raising the bar with record breaking deals, which no athlete would turn down. It stop being about the team and the fans in the mid eighties. Now its "im a star, pay me, or I'll take my talents elsewhere."

Now what do you think?

Reality TV: How low will it go?

These days It seems as though every prime time tv network has at least 1 hit reality tv show. From cooking competitions to living in unfamiliar territory's. From finding love to living the life as a gold digger or Housewife as they like to be called. You name it, they've made it reality tv.

In early 2000's, shows like "The Big Brother" and "Survivor" spearheaded the reality tv movement. Theses 2 programs made new waves and brought colossal numbers in the form of ratings. Since then, other shows or as i like to call them the "copy-cats", have followed with similar programs. Follow them, were more copy cats and so on and so on. All this competition has sparked a war on ratings. Top programs and stations fighting for viewers. Even In a nation, where households are struggling to thrive in this economy, the tv ratings have not faltered.

In the last 10 years, competition and ratings aren't the only thing that continues to increase. The level of raunchyness and vulgarity reaches new heights everyday. In other words sex sells. We're seeing prime time non- cable networks televising and advertising sex and profanity like never before.

Back in the days when television programs first began taping, just the site of a woman's cleavage was pushing the limits. On today's programs, half naked women and racy sex scenes aka soft porn, are as familiar as your local news.

As ratings climb new heights with provocative tv, the competitors balance that by stooping to lower ones. Today's programs are not only being featured provocatively but degrading as well. The stars of these shows are humiliating themselves for a cheap shot a fame. Often a whole cast, allowing themselves to be portrayed in such distasteful ways. Personally diminishing your character is a choice, but as familiar tv personalities, do they not have a greater responsibility or obligation? The lack of regard for race, culture, pride and more importantly, self respect, is being jeopardized for a chance at stardom.

Adults are not the only stars being depicted as degrading characters. Young teens are also being exposed in the rating war. Daytime tv shows and pop culture stations are growing more and more lucrative off teen parenthood. In the process, almost promoting and encouraging the misguided youth viewers to follow what they're watching.

Over 40 percent of today's television is reality tv.

We cling to the tube, and the networks battle for rank. Its clear conservative tv is a thing of the past but who's to blame? Are the networks to blame for televising such radical content? Or are the networks just giving the viewers what they really want to see? Are we the viewers to blame for being intrigued by distasteful programs? Or did we get bored with regular tv? What about the government, should they stricken the networks? Or will they ever? 

Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars

Here is a Dope track followed up with this dope video by two great artist.

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Explicit)

So...here it is to all of the Nicki Minaj fans the video to "Stupid Hoe". I have been reading comments and ther is alot of critics out there that seem to think the video is not acceptable. Why??? i have the slightest of clue.. she is only expressing herself to the "TRUE" fans the way they love her and what makes her happy. Besides dont you think the super group YMCMB would disaprove if it wasnt credible. I also heard a rumor on a local radio station that this video was banned from BET .......really WTF but i'm not the judge. What do you guys think?????

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